Tap, tap… Is this thing on?  I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted, but I still get lots of emails and most of them are broke brides-to-be like I was asking the same questions:  Did this really work?  How can I raise funds for my own wedding?  Drumroll…..

Starting a full-fledged website like this isn’t an option for most people. It’s incredibly time consuming and takes some tech savvy. Thankfully, the folks at  Go Get Funding have created a solution.  (Phew).  This amazeballs new fundraising site is easy to use, has a bunch of useful features, and even has a dedicated section specifically for wedding fundraisers.  Perf!

Here’s how it works (and a few fab tips for raising the money you need):

Register on the site and click the start a funding project button.  You’ll be whisked away to the page where you can create your very own fundraiser.  Decide how much you want to raise. I suggest raising part of the money you need for your wedding but you could always go for the whole shebang if you think you can make it.

Add as much detail as you can and be personal. Tell the interwebs why you can’t raise the funds yourself, and how those that don’t contribute are depriving you of eternal marital happiness.

Instead of just adding pictures to your fundraiser, add video! That helps create an extra personal fundraiser and stats show that you can raise around 125% more when you’ve included a video. By doing this, you may also be able to pick up extra traffic from wherever you upload your video, i.e. YouTube.  Brillz!  Who doesn’t want exposure?

Use the Go Get Funding feature that lets you add thoughtful rewards for pledges. For example, you could offer a shout out during the Maid of Honor’s speech to those that contribute $30 to $100. You could reward those that pledge $100 to $200 with a shout out and the chance to get the DJ to play a song of their choice. I know, I know… that might be a stretch.  I forbade our DJ from taking requests from guests, but I’m also psychotic and a control freak.  And I didn’t want my 75 year old aunt to have to listen to “Hot in Herrre” by Nelly.

Once you’ve created your project, tell everyone about it and share it with your social networks! You should totes read Go Get Funding’s guide to promoting your project, which is pretty comprehensive.

Remember, as I did on this site, keep your audience engaged by posting updates and hopefully, before you know it, you’ll have hit your target!  If only Go Get Funding had been around while we were planning our wedding!

Have fun, and happy fundraising!

xo BB2B


I’m late to the party, I know… and you’ve all obvi seen this, like 839 times, but still had to post it.  It would be totes un-HMPFMW of me not to (stifle your yawns, por favor).

I give you… Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from that guy.

Seriously? (photo jacked from People magazine)

20.5 carats.  I have no words.  Do you?

Well, HMPFMW junkies, I’ve begun my transformation.  I’m officially a wifey, and while I’m no longer planning my own wedding (still paying it off, though – crikey), I’m still wed-obsessed.  So it’s only right that I channel the obsesh into a new blog.  Ch-check it out: www.thetullefairy.com.  Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter if you aren’t alredz: @TulleLaLa.

I heart you all – you’re the best!  xo



Anyone out there?  Probably not since I suck at blogging these days.  I’m on an indefinite hiatus from HMPFMW.  Care about my life?  Follow me on Twitter for your minute-to-minute fix and check me out every Wednesday over at the Tweet My Wedding blog.

I heart you!


So, the New Year’s rez clearly isn’t going as planned.  The tending to my blog thing.  The real HMPFMW junkies know they can grab updates every Wednesday at Tweet My Wedding, and they also know that I’ve been MIA from this blog for reasons other than work and laziness.  Insert drum roll….. It’s because I’m PLANNING MY WEDDING!  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  Fiance and I set a date and are in full-fledged plan mode.  Don’t pass out!

In fact, a lot has happened since I last blogged.  Let me see… started a new job (FINALLY!), which has been fab.  Set a date… booked a venue… picked out dresses for the BM’s… booked a photog (a fab one, btw)… met with a florist who sucked (he mentioned baby’s breath and I almost vomited)… booked a different florist who is glorious and won’t charge me $5,392, and kind of found a hair stylist!  I’m making progress!  In typical BB2B fashion, I’m obvi behind on sending save-the-dates, but don’t you fret.  They’re in the works and most of my out-of-town guests have already been contacted so they know when the big day is.  I can’t believe I’m actually going to be a Mrs.  For real now.


BB2B’s… you gotta check out these ah-mazingly adorable and fun wedsite options at www.nearlyweds.com.  For $49 a YEAR you can design and maintain a super-cute wedding website to share all the deets with your guests.  Best part?  It can match your invitations. What?  I’m a sucker for coordination.  And you should be, too.

I know what you’re thinking.  This sounds hard.  I don’t know how to “make a website.” (From the looks of this blog, I’m sure you can tell I don’t, either).  But the fab news is – it’s crazy easy.  You just choose one of their gorg templates, follow their easy click-to-publish instructions, and voila!  Even the most tech-unsavvy BB2B’s can play!  You can upload as many photos as you want, blog about your planning, post your gift registries… and my fave feature is the online RSVP – your fashion forward wedsite basically pays for itself in the stamps you’ll save.  Cha-ching!

Still not 100%?  Nearlyweds gives you a free trial – you can test drive all the features, play with as many design templates you want, and figure out the money stuff later.  I will definitely be creating a site with Nearlyweds… once we set a date, that is.

do you heart the simplicity, or what? loves.

Like 8 million of my friends/acquaintances are engaged.  All planning like banshees.  Facebook status updates like “Registering!” or “Band.  Check!”  Overachievers.  Even my un-engaged friends have gone wild and are emailing me pictures of rings and dresses and venues with subject lines like, “To die.”  Is that what starts happening at this age?  I’m sure you can imagine that my status updates don’t have anything to do with weddings.  No, my Facebook updates are usually lame – weather complaints or “It’s Friday!” Boring, I know.  Maybe I’ll delete my account.  I don’t need middle school classmates spying on my life anyway.

In any event, everyone’s engaged or about to be.  And they are like, planning maniacs.  The opposite of me.  Next.

How about Kendra’s US Weekly cover?  She cracks me up.  The change in her body = “culture shock.”  How can you not love?

Um, that would be a NO.  Obvi, he was picking Vienna Mocha Chunk.  He basically told Tenley that he wasn’t attracted to her.  What a catastrophe!  IMO, Tenley is a snooze – sweet girl – but 100% snoozefest, and Vienna is fun, but too young to get married.  Eh, I just work here.

Now, the countdown is on til Bachelorette.  What a loser I am.  Thank God Kendra is starting back up!

In other news, I’ve been stressed beyond beyond.  I have a ton going on at work (riveting, I know), and it’s actually been taking a toll.  Maybe now you understand my unhealthy obsesh with reality TV – I just need to decompress when I get home at 8:30pm each night after a way-too-long work day.  I also fell off the workout wagon.  Jillian would hate me.  After we got back from our weekend away a couple weeks ago, I just have not been to the gym.  But I have been to Dunkin’ Donuts to grab chocolate chip muffins in the morning.  Delish, but muffins = muffin top and I need to put a stop to the madness before I undo all the work I did to get rid of my bat arms.

I spent mine at a wedding.  Read all about it at Tweet My Wedding.

In other news, it’s lent.  I debated giving up chocolate or cheese (I gave up cheese one year and it was horrif) or soda, but I opted for more of a meaningful challenge this year.  No cell phone use or radio in the car until Easter.  So I’m forced to have some peace and quiet and reflect on my life rather than numb my brain listening to Young Money.  I decided this after arriving at work today, so I talked on the cell AND listened to the radio in the car this morning, but not on my way home and no mas until Easter.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

What else.  Well, I fell of the fitness wagon this weekend since we were away.  I mean, there was a gym at the hotel and I so should have sucked it up and just worked out, but nope.  So, tomorrow it’s back to the elliptical and the 30-Day Shred.

I hope you all had a fab long weekend…




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