So, the New Year’s rez clearly isn’t going as planned.  The tending to my blog thing.  The real HMPFMW junkies know they can grab updates every Wednesday at Tweet My Wedding, and they also know that I’ve been MIA from this blog for reasons other than work and laziness.  Insert drum roll….. It’s because I’m PLANNING MY WEDDING!  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  Fiance and I set a date and are in full-fledged plan mode.  Don’t pass out!

In fact, a lot has happened since I last blogged.  Let me see… started a new job (FINALLY!), which has been fab.  Set a date… booked a venue… picked out dresses for the BM’s… booked a photog (a fab one, btw)… met with a florist who sucked (he mentioned baby’s breath and I almost vomited)… booked a different florist who is glorious and won’t charge me $5,392, and kind of found a hair stylist!  I’m making progress!  In typical BB2B fashion, I’m obvi behind on sending save-the-dates, but don’t you fret.  They’re in the works and most of my out-of-town guests have already been contacted so they know when the big day is.  I can’t believe I’m actually going to be a Mrs.  For real now.