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Not I!  Still digging into leftovers!  On the menu this T-Day: the basics – obvi turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, etc… AND my first attempt at sweet potato casserole, which I must say was divine.  I also baked from scratch for the first time ever and THAT was a hit, too!  Pretty proud of myself and very excited to get some more practice for Christmas, which I can’t believe is only weeks away.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as well, and that you have lots to be thankful for.  🙂

Fiance and I decided (stupidly) to join the chaos that is midnight madness on Black Friday.  Didn’t go as planned.  We sat in traffic for a good hour and a half before deciding to turn around and go home.  No joke, the road was gridlocked and people were screaming like they were on their way to a New Kids concert.  DISASTER and NEVER AGAIN.  However!  Cyber Monday has been a dream.  All kinds of deals and no traffic.  Fantasy.

Just wanted to check in and let you all know I’m still alive and kicking.  (And engaged.  And raising funds for my wedding, which WILL take place someday).  Look for me Wednesday on Tweet My Wedding.


PS – Oh!  Did you guys read about J. Lo’s ex getting hitched?  I want to see pics!


…hate your dress or hate your makeup on your wedding day?


Khloe and Lamar’s wedding episode, that is?  OMG.  I was dying.  Too much TV on Sunday nights!  My DVR was ready to combust.  So, shall we dish?

My thoughts on the dress: Gorg.  Although, I’m not sure I buy the idea that Vera “threw it together” in a week.  You know she had that ish made already!  (Cynical, I know).

My thoughts on the fam’s reaction: Um, Kim?  “This was supposed to be me!”  Enough said.  Poor Bruce, though, right?

My thoughts on the flowers: A little over the top for my liking, but I just work here.  And they were obvi beautiful, just a bit more than I would choose to have, even if money were no object.

What were your thoughts, peeps?  Did any of you catch the editing mistake?  They show Khloe and Lamar chatting and laying down and she fully has her ring on BEFORE he allegedly had given it to her.  Way to go, E! editors.


Apparently, “Me,” whose eloquent words are featured in yesterday’s post has multiple personalities.  Today, she posted under the name “Chel-C,”

Very interesting. These seem to have become more popular recently :)

I dont see people donating alot of money (since everyone is in a finacial burden) but every dollar raised is a dollar more than you started with.

Good Luck to you! Have a wonderful wedding!

Sigh.  Oh, the cyber-psychos.  How we love you!  Nice try though, sweet pea!

Happy Friday, folks!


It’s been awhile since I’ve been moved to feature a reader comment, but this one was just too much of a doozy to ignore.  Check out these articulate words from a commenter who calls herself “Me.”

I am sure that you will try and spin this (as you have done with every negative comment) to try and seem cunning and clever, as if my comment is not intended to be rude but IT IS! You are ridiculous! I am having a FABULOUS wedding that my Fi and I are paying for on our own.

You say that you want a nice wedding and you dont want to save up until your “87″ in order to do it…don’t be stupid! We set our out for about a year and a half and that is extremely helpful.

Why dont you set it out 3 years…Im sure you will only be what 25 by then (as Im sure you are a child…or at least have the intellect of one)

HOW DARE ANYONE contribute to this stupid “cause”
You should be ashamed of yourselfs!

Just food for thought…I would rather burn $100 dollars than give you $1!

May God have mercy on your greety soul!

Oh, “Me.”  Where to begin?  Well, to start, you seem like a lovely girl.  And congrats on your engagement!  What an exciting time.  And how wonderful that you and your “Fi” are paying for your “FABULOUS” wedding on your own.  You must be proud of yourselves.  🙂

While your sage advice, i.e. “Don’t be stupid!” is extremely helpful and much appreciated, I do have one burning question for you.  What does “greety” mean?  Did you mean greedy?  Oh, and HMPFMW isn’t a cause – it’s just a blog.  One that you’re more than welcome to read or not read.  And I have more good news – you don’t have to burn $100 OR donate $1 to me!  Thank God, right?!

Again, congrats on your upcoming wedding!  I hope it’s all you’ve imagined and more!


PS – You should totally click on over to the HMPFMW Online Store and purchase a HMPFMW thermos.  You know you want one!

I hope you lovelies had a fabulous Halloween!  I contemplated dressing our German Shepherd up as a bumblebee and happily for him, decided against it.  Last night was low key.  Our first Halloween in the new digs, and actually the first Halloween that I got trick-or-treaters since moving out of my parents house like a million years ago.  No, I didn’t dress up as a bride as previously debated.  I didn’t dress up at all.  Bah-humbug, I know.  BUT!  I heard from the kids in the neighborhood that we had the best candy on the block.




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