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Plain and simple – I haven’t had time to blog.  I won’t bore you with the reasons why.  It’s the usual life/work/stuff to do song and dance.  But I still heart you.  And for what it’s worth, I’ve THOUGHT about blogging.

For inquiring minds –

Wedding update:  There is no update.  I’ve become kind of obsessed with doing a backyard wedding, and Fiance’s not having it.  I just think it would be nice, especially since we could definitely involve our dog in the ceremony if it were right outside.  Sigh.

Life update: More of the same.  Slowly but surely putting together the house.  Learning how to clean.  Cooking more.  Back on the wagon with the gym.  I went on Saturday AND Sunday (go, me!) and today I woke up early and shredded before work.  Hardcore.

Work update: No real update.  Same.  I work all damn day and get home at 8pm every night.

Hmmmm, what else.  I had a convo with one of my bff’s the other day.  The one who got married in June and I was a BM for the first time ever.  Remember?  I was on a hunt for shoes and ended up with these, which ironically I wore today?  Anyway, long story short – I called her because I received her thank you card from the wedding in the mail and enclosed was the cutest pic of her and her new hub.  She sounded sad/wistful when we talked, and she ended up telling me she was kind of bummed that the wedding was behind her, because it had been something she’d looked forward to and planned for for so long (she was engaged for over 2 years).  Her wedding day was pretty perfect.  I wonder if I’ll be like that – sad when the big day passes and you’re left with pictures and memories instead of DIY projects to work on and seating charts to figure out.  I kind of doubt it, as planning seems a little much if you ask me.  But maybe in a good way?  As it’s the only time in your life you’ll think about this stuff – well, until you have a daughter getting married or something…?

Then I stumbled upon this.  An interesting read, IMO.  The synopsis is that this chick went through the whole wedding phase – planning, getting hitched, adjusting to her new sitch and just when that felt settled, is now pregnant and dealing with all that goes along with that.  Weddings and pregnancies are pretty parallel – announcements, showers, registering for baby gifts, ooohing and ahhhhing (this time over the baby bump instead of the engagement ring), a countdown/planning stage of sorts… The whole process is just so industry.  Stuff you’re told you HAVE to buy, rules you HAVE to follow, things you HAVE to do.  Rites of passage in life have definitely been Hallmark-ified.

And those are my deep thoughts for the evening.  Time to watch The Soup and fall asleep.  I promise I’ll try not to be such a stranger.



If you are married or engaged, I’d love your input.

How involved is/was your groom in the planning?

Was he into it?  Did he dread it?  Did he leave the decisions to you?  Did he have his own visions for the big day or had wedding planning never cross his mind?

Didn’t get in on the 99 Cent Store wedding and can’t make it to Florida to get hitched at the drive-through?  It’s your lucky day, lovers of the open road, because now you can have your ceremony in a mobile chapel.

A Reverend in Illinois has converted an old fire truck into a chapel on wheels – and it’s open for business.  For $2 per mile, plus a $200 fee, Rev. Darrell Best will hop in his chapel, put the pedal to the metal, and drive it to where you are.  He says he wanted to give couples without a church the opportunity to have a special service.

My personal favorite part of this story is that 1 – the Reverend owns a fire truck and 2 – that it was converted into a chapel on wheels on Country Music Television’s show, “Trick My Truck.”  Hilarity!

“I’ve always loved firetrucks,” the Reverend told “And I love my job, and I guess I’ve been making the boss happy. I’ve got a corporate vehicle.”

wedding on wheels

Wanna be the first on your block to get married on the freeway?  Click here for deets.

…even on my beloved E! News.  Tonight, between important gossip items such as Shia LeBeouf’s alleged romance with his new co-star and Chris Brown’s court appearance, Giuliana Rancic talked weddings!  If you are busy with other things in life and don’t care to keep up on celeb goss (shame on you!) – here’s a little wedding fodder that you missed.

Ways to Save on Cakes

Well, loyal readers know that we discussed this ions ago, but it was a nice refresher.  G’s ways to save included –

1. Go with round layers rather than square.  Round cakes are cheaper because they are easier to frost.  Interesting.  I actually kinda think round cakes look cooler than square, so… works for me!

2. Borrow a cake-topper and cutting knives rather than buying new ones. Eh, sounds easy enough, I suppose.  But I’m not sure I know anyone who has wedding cake toppers laying around.  I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask my recently hitched friends.  They must have had cake-toppers and stuff.  Isn’t that funny… I didn’t even notice enough to remember.

3. Use wedding flowers you’ve already bought rather than sugar ones. These sugar flowers are quite the project for bakers and time = money with these peeps.  Real flowers it is!

Ways to Save on Reception Food and Drink

1.  Opt for duck, pasta, and comfort foods.  These dishes are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other menu options. Pretty obvi, no?  Of course these choices will be cheaper than filet mignon.  But I can’t/won’t get with the duck.  My family and friends would vom.  Pasta and comfort foods, however – I can work with that.  As long as I can have my bacon-wrapped scallops passed around at cocktail hour.

2.  Buffet style is cheaper than sit-down. Duh.

3.  Serve only beer and wine rather than offering an open bar. Hmmmm.  I’m not 10000% sure about this one.  While you can save a little by doing this, I’ve found with the couple of venues I’ve visited that the savings isn’t significant.  *Shrug*  On this one, I have to say that I subscribe to the school of thought that if you’re going to spend $40 per person to serve beer and wine all night, that you might as well go nuts and spend $45 so they get a martini if they want.

Nothing groundbreaking, but the round cake thing was something I hadn’t heard of before.  Ya learn something new everyday.  🙂

Q:  Why does the man give the bride-to-be an engagement ring when proposing?

A:  This tradish started back when the groom had to “buy” his bride.  How unromantic!  According to wedding lore, the ring was supposed to represent his vow to marry the woman in exchange for her social status, family fortune, etc.

Interesting.  And strangely gold-diggery.

Oh, BTW, thank you, Italy!  Allegedly, the Italians integrated the whole diamond aspect to the tradition of giving engagement rings.  It is said that back in the day, Italians believed that diamonds were created from the “flames of love” and that they represented everlasting love.  Now that’s romantic.

Animal lovers, I know you feel me on this.  Our dog is our son.  So if, by some miracle, we DO end up having a backyard wedding (a girl can dream… it’s recently become my new obsesh but I don’t think Fiance’s into it), we will 1000% have to figure out a way to incorporate our dog into the ceremony.

A quick Google search turned up these adorable pics of dogs in weddings.  Take a gander.  My fave is the third one.

What are your thoughts on inviting furry family members to the nuptials?

Sorry, I know I’m posting this rather late.  But it’s my day on Tweet My Wedding!  Take a jaunt over and read my guest blog post!

Nighty night!

…then how are you supposed to know how to plan a wedding?  A local chapter of a non-profit organization called the National Association of Wedding Professionals (a non-profit dedicated to helping clueless brides?!  LOVES IT) is coming to the rescue of stressed-out, newly engaged couples by hosting a Round Table discush that will introduce them to the wedding planning process and local wedding pros in a relaxed, casual environment.  Brillz!

I mean, technically, newly engaged folks are rookie wedding planners learning as they piece together the most important event of their lives.  Shouldn’t we have some guidance?  The Milwaukee Chapter of the NAWP thinks so, and is welcoming brides-to-be, fiances, families, and friends to this informative discussion.  The best part?  The event is recessionista-friendly.  It’s only 5 bucks and will benefit a local domestic violence agency.

So, if you’re in Milwaukee, GO!  Here are the deets:

when: August 26 from 6pm-8pm   where: the Radisson Milwaukee West Hotel, 2303 N. Mayfair Road

Space is limited, reserve your spot ASAP!

This isn’t a real post as I’m at work and doing this on my BB. But I just wanted to post a quick thank you for reading, for your comments, and emails. You have no idea how I heart you.


OK, so I was looking at my blog stats and someone stumbled across HMPFMW by googling “extra cheese diet Coke.”  Not sure how that happened, but whatevs.

In breaking HMPFMW news –

– People have been donating!  Well, two people, that is.  I got two rather sizable donations last week and am super grateful.  🙂  (See shoutouts on my Thank You page).

– Fiance has been slowly but surely expressing interest in starting the planning process.  Today he was asking about how many guys he’d need for the wedding party!  Baby steps, indeed – but I’m just excited he’s thinking about it!

– I have some really cool press stuff in the works that I’m SO excited to share, but can’t yet.  It’s killing me softly, but I’ll spill soon enough!

Work/life has been crazy busy these days.  Being a homeowner is tiring – but awesome!  I had so much stuff going on this past weekend, that I was late in turning in my blog post for TweetMyWedding!  So irresponsible; I’m slightly mortified as I’m so not a deadline-misser.  In any event, check me out on Wednesdays over there.  It’s a good time.

Thanks for baring (bearing?) with me on the days I don’t get a chance to post.  And I swear I’ll get to your emails.




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