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I’m not sure when it will air, but I’m interviewing with Mix 94.1 in Canton, OH tomorrow morning!  When I find out the deets, I’ll let you guys know so you can check it out.

Wedding location update: The State Room still costs $40k unless I do a Sunday brunch (NO THANK YOU) or a Friday night (wish I could, but inconvenient for guests).  Wellesley Horticultural Center STILL hasn’t returned my calls – I wonder if the wedding coordinator is on vay-cay?!  Spring Valley Country Club – spoke to the event coordinator today.  Her name is JoAnn and she was really nice.  She sent me some info about different wedding packages and I’ve yet to look through it.  I did scan through the food list, though.  They have bacon wrapped scallops so they’re still in the game.  Step two on Spring Valley = get my fiance to come with me to check it out.


I have been nutty busy at work.  Gotta rush two minutes ago to another work event.  WILL. BLOG. ASAP.

PS – Who’s totally freaked out about the whole swine flu sitch?!

You’ll notice a sad little piggy bank icon on a bar to the left.  It doesn’t work.  😦  (But the orange DONATE button works – click that!)  Becca suggested I add a ticker and that is the best I can do for right now.  Any techies out there know how the heck to do this?!

If money were no object, which of these venues would you choose to for your own wedding:

The State Room

Wellesley Horticultural Center (these peeps STILL haven’t returned my call about cost).

Spring Valley Country Club

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  I still favor option 1 as I adore the city vibe… but through your emails and a little digging of my own, I’ve opened my mind to other possibilities.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I’m kind of starting to get antsy now and want to get planning.  Now, we just have to set a date.

On the donation front, NOTHING today.  Sigh.  Really, guys?  So depressing.  It’s 8:53pm EST – help a sister out before midnight so I can go to bed giddy.  🙂

Howdy, folks!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  It’s about 10:50 EST (I haven’t figured out how to fix the timestamp on this thing – according to my WordPress dashboard, it’s already tomorrow) and I’m so happy that it’s not freezing cold anymore.  Bring on the spring!

I went to see my Dad today and while I was there, I visited our neighbors, who have been family friends forever.  It was the first time I’ve seen them (the family friends, not my Dad) since getting engaged.  So obviously, they were congratulating me and asking if we’d made any plans yet.  Ironically enough, one of them (who has known me since I was born – literally) said, and I quote:  “I always took you for someone who would just elope rather than have a big wedding.”

Interesting.  That comment got me thinking.  I’ve always been unpredictable, so I don’t think there’s anything I could do that would shock my family or close friends (including starting a website asking for donations to my wedding).  If we had eloped, I’m positive that no one would be surprised.  I imagine they would collectively shrug their shoulders and think, “Typical.”

Truth is, I have never really welcomed big celebrations in my honor.  My mom was absolutely dying to throw me a Sweet 16 back in the day and I flatly refused.  I didn’t want a graduation party when I completed high school, and I didn’t even attend my own college graduation ceremony.  (What would have been the point – there were about 7,389,238,743,975,293,857 people in my graduating class – it would have been long and boring).  I’m certainly not a shy individual, but that kind of attention was never my cup of tea.  To that end, when thinking about a wedding, I always kind of envisioned having a really small, intimate ceremony with only close friends and immediate family so as to avoid being stared at while I kiss my husband for the first time.  I thought that a huge hoopla would take away from the true purpose of a wedding and impose on those meaningful first moments as husband and wife.

But now I’m actually engaged, and I see things differently.  Not only are my fiance and I over the moon about the fact that we’re getting married – our friends and families are, too.  It would almost be selfish not to have an amazing wedding  – plus, I think my Mom is still mad at me for the whole No, I don’t want a Sweet 16 and you better not throw me one thing.  So, I figure – what better way to celebrate our love and the start of our lives together than to invite everyone and throw a really kick-ass party for once in our lives?  I want to have everything I love on my first day as a wife, and that means bacon-wrapped scallops.

On another note, I know I said no country clubs – but what do you guys think of this place? It looks really beautiful and doesn’t scream “golf course.”  Might be worth a look.  Are you guys proud of me?  I’m finding options!

Okie dokie, well… bedtime.  Back to work tomorrow.  If you’re awake and feeling generous, feel free to utilize the magic “Donate” button on the left.  You won’t really get anything in return, though – just good karma and your name on the list.


PS – Who watched Desperate Housewives?  Can’t.  Even.  Deal.

If your comment contains swears, I won’t be approving it.  Sorry, peeps – this is a family program.  And by the way, LIGHTEN UP.  Don’t you know that stress is bad for your health?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – if my blog upsets you or stresses you out, navigate elsewhere.  I really don’t want to be responsible for any temper tantrums or increased blood pressure.

Of course, all are entitled to their opinions – and I welcome your all of your (profanity-free) comments.  But name calling?  Seriously?  Jeepers creepers – it’s just the internet.  I’m putting myself out there for judgment and criticism, I suppose – and I guess I really don’t mind your venting on my comments section.  So do feel free to sound off.  But – you should really send me a dollar for making me read that stuff.  (Please see DONATE button to the left).


Howdy, readers.  I’m really exhausted and stared at a screen for way too long at work today.  Hence, no energy to post anything substantial.  Sorry, guys.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou to the two lovely folks (Jess and DallasWeddings1) who donated today – I’m $4.25 closer to my dream wedding because of your kindness.  🙂

Bedtime for me, my friends.  If you’re awake and reading and can spare 1/5 of $5 footlong, feel free to click “donate.”  It will really make my morning.


Meredith – Thanks for the heads up on the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.  I would LOVE a full report after you go to the wedding there.  It looks pretty cool – that’s definitely the vibe I’m looking for – hardwood floors and minimalist decor.  Maybe I’ll check it out!

beenthere: A vineyard or park would be amazing… only thing is that it probably involves a lot of do-it-yourself, huh?  I’m not so good at that.  Tell me about the zoo wedding!  That sounds interesting!

Hotel: I don’t really get your comment.  But…you’re welcome?

Ps: sorry, Megan. That was toward Hotel’s comment. To answer your question, I’m thinking Boston area or possibly RI.

Not yet?  If every visitor to this blog had sent a buck, I’d already have MORE than enough for a fab wedding.  So if you haven’t donated yet, it would be amazingly awesome if you would.  The faster I get some cash stashed, the faster I can get on with the planning!  Per one reader’s request, I will (eventually, people – when I really get the ball rolling financially) post options I’m considering for dresses, flowers, cake, location, etc. and poll you guys on what I should choose for this gala!

Even if you don’t want to/can’t give me a buck (I’m well aware that we’re in a recesh – duh) – keep the emails coming.  I feel so loved (and hated, kind of) when I open my gmail to see a zillion new messages.  I can usually identify the hate mail pretty quickly – it has subject lines like Get a job, Pay for your own wedding, and Disgusting – and it’s mostly the same questions over and over… before you clog my inbox, check out the FAQ page.  Eh, I shouldn’t complain – even hate mail means people are reading.

To the kind strangers out there who’ve sent a buck or two my way – you are AWESOME and I get a kick out of the different reasons you enter into the “Purpose” field on the PayPal donation screen.  It really does make my day.  Hopefully my blog makes you crack a smile, too.  Tell your friends.


I’ve mustered up the strength to embark on my quest for a location.  Deep breath.

As you know from early posts, I discovered that my first choice location has an unspeakable event minimum.  Wanna know what it is?  $40k. I can’t believe I just typed that out loud.  Shudder.  So although I am desperately and dangerously in love with Fantasy Location, I am forcing myself to move on and find something reasonable.

So far, I haven’t had overwhelming success in finding other options, but have stumbled upon one interesting possibility.  Check it out. I have no idea what kind of cash I’d have to shell out for an event there, but I’ve put in a phone call and will let you know the deal as soon as I hear.

Here’s my issue.  I feel like the most popular venues for weddings are hotels and country clubs and obviously the city is bursting with about a zillion places where I could get married.  HOWEVER!  Although these types of venues can be really beautiful, they’re just not my style*.  I want something minimalist, but elegant.  (No golf courses in the background, no existing color schemes that will clash with my flowers or bridesmaid dresses).
Long story short – I am looking for a unique wedding location – maybe a botanical garden or a loft of some sort.  To be honest, I would seriously consider getting married in my own backyard (think candles, sheer tents, moonlight)  – if my backyard weren’t a parking lot.
On that note – does anyone have any ideas or has anyone come across an amazing location that is NOT a hotel or a country club?

* note – I’m not judging those who had / are planning to have  weddings in country clubs or hotels – I know this is totally normal and I’ve seen many photos of stunning weddings in these settings.  I’m simply saying that these locations are not what I have in mind for my own wedding.



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