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Aren’t away messages lame? I’m a geek.

At any rate, I’m away at a conference for work with no computer. Because I can’t stand blogging on my BlackBerry (I know there’s a typo up there but scrolling around on BB is too annoying – deal with it), no substantial post today, peeps. But, do check out my debut at tomorrow. I have joined a team of other fabulous brides-to-be who will be blogging daily at TMW. I’m Wednesdays. Tomorrow’s my little intro blog post, so check it out!



I’ve never in my life seen/heard the word ‘tacky’ thrown around as much as I have as it pertains to weddings and wedding-related matters.  Want some examples?  Just search ‘tacky’ on the wedding bee discussion boards and you’ll discover an endless list of posts by anxious brides-to-be, petrified that their guests will judge them if they opt for a cash bar, balloons, origami flowers, or a potluck reception.

What happened to the whole “it’s your day” mentality when it comes to weddings?  I don’t know about you, but if my BFF wanted me to wear a potato sack as a BM dress, I would work that potato sack with a mean pair of heels and a fierce updo and love every second.  And though we all know I personally don’t want a brunch reception or a courthouse wedding, it’s not because I find these things tacky – it’s because these are things I simply do not want.

Read this letter sent in to the Los Angeles Times from a concerned mom.  Seriously – WHO CARES whether or not friends or family think a belated reception is ‘proper?’  When did it become acceptable – even expected – to be so judgmental?  I’m thoroughly confused as to why people feel justified to become etiquette police when it comes to other people’s weddings.

I went to two weddings this summer that were very different from one another.  One was pretty elaborate – gorgeous venue, open bar, scrumptious food… and the other was in someone’s backyard and included homemade wedding cake, a friend of the family DJ’ing, a cooler full of sodas and beers, and a potluck (I brought a veggie and cheese platter – is that OK, etiquette cyber-police?).  Both weddings were exactly what the couples wanted and both were beautiful and special.  But sadly, I heard judgmental whispers at both affairs.  So disappointing that “friends” and “family” can be so catty.

Brides-to-be, live your lives!  If you want to send out e-save-the-dates, DO IT!  Want to set up a honeymoon registry?  GO FOR IT!  A wedding on Halloween?  TRICK OR TREAT!  Obviously, I am not bent out of shape about being called tacky – I have been judged by perfect strangers behind computer screens since launching this blog.  But I’d rather be called tacky than Mean Girls-esque.  And I’d rather make my own decisions than consult Emily Post before my every move.

So, who’s in?  Banish the word ‘tacky?’


I so want to be friends with this couple.  Watch the video – I promise it’s worth your 5 minutes and 9 seconds.  And yes, this is a real wedding.  (Stupid WordPress wouldn’t let me embed the video here unless I pay for a video upgrade – annoying).

Because I’m a geek, the video actually brought tears to my eyes.  This couple is going to be so happy – what a way to kick off the first day of the rest of your lives.  If you can’t have fun and be silly with your significant other, what’s really the point?  Congratulations, Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz!  You guys are awesome.

OMG.  What could possibly be more exciting than thisTHIS!  Filene’s Basement’s annual Running of the Brides event is coming to Chicago this weekend, with many summer dates to follow in various cities including DC and my own beloved Boston.  I’m hearing rumblings that you can score huge at this event – and I’m talking designer dresses originally priced at up to $10k discounted to the tune of $249.

But don’t expect to leave with the ‘bargain of a lifetime’ without dodging some jabs.  The store in Chicago will open its doors at 8am on Friday to a stampede of desperate housewives-to-be, who will undoubtedly be foaming at the mouth and ready to throw an elbow at the first sight of a size 2 Vera Wang.  The gowns are not organized by size, so expect to scavenge through racks upon racks of taffeta alongside the most manic of bridezillas – Filene’s Basement does this on purpose to be ‘fair.’  Can’t let that pushy MOH grab up all the size 6’s.

Allegedly, the racks are bare within 90 seconds and brides just strip, try on gown, trade, and repeat.  Sounds like a physical challenge on Double Dare, if you ask me.

For the more civil b2b, plan on hitting the sale later in the morning.  According to the store, the crazies have all gone home at that point, and there should still be a decent selection.  Check out Filene’s Basement Bridal here for more deets and be sure to check out the FAQ’s.  And if you really want a leg up on how to work the sale, shoot an email to to request the “Secrets of Success – finding your dream dress at Filene’s Basement’s Running of the Brides.”

If any of you Chi-town readers attend the sale, please email me with a full run-down!

The beauty of this blog is that you, my fabulous, loyal, and informative readers, bring to my attention must-haves that I didn’t know I needed.  Case in point – a custom monogram.

I give you Happy Betty Design.  Check her out – her Etsy site boasts ‘Custom Paper for Cool People.’  Well, I’m cool – so I will obviously need something that reflects this for our save-the-dates, invites, and anything else we might whip up for the big day.  I had a quick little email exchange with the designer, who asked me about our personal style and the feel we want for our wedding and VOILA!  Our own little logo!

Feast your eyes:

Monograms BB2B e-h

Monograms BB2B m-p

I personally adore G, M, and P as I fancy myself a sophisticate and envision my wedding to have a touch of Hollywood glam.  Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery?

If you are in the market for some really cool design, I highly recommend taking a gander at Happy Betty.  Her prices are totally recessionista-friendly and these monograms are a fab way to customize your day.  Happy browsing!

If I weren’t such a wedding snob, I’d do this.  Imagine that!

A store in Florida is now offering drive-through weddings.  Certainly I will not be traveling to Zephyrhills, FL to get married behind the wheel, but I think it’s kind of genius and a little funny.  I mean, if I were forced to choose, I’d actually prefer to exchange vows in my Toyota Corolla with the moonroof open to doing it at a dusty courthouse.  While not remotely fabulous, it’s totally recessionista-friendly – the drive-through wedding fee is only 20 smackers.

The store owner definitely gets an A+ for creativity.  She came up with the idea while trying to figure out what to do with the sliding window that came with her store.  The building was previously a dry cleaner.

Reception at Burger King, anyone?

The Theater in the Park is showing the musical adaptation of my favorite movie EVER – The Wedding Singer. I wanna go!  Unfortunately, Kansas City would be quite a commute.  If anyone goes, let me know how it is!


So… I took my mom with me to pick up my dress.  I was less than elated.  I still love the dress – but I looked like a beaded, bright white cow in it and need to spend some QT with my Jillian Michaels DVD before I even glance at that dress again.  It didn’t help that my mom was teary-eyed and furiously snapping shots of me as I stared at my grotesque reflection in the mirror.  Ugh.  And to top it all off, there were probably 5 or 6 people milling around and ogling me as I tried it on, all admiring (I hope) the dress and smiling at me.  I feel like so many brides love the attention, the oooh’s and aaah’s and all the fuss.  Maybe it was the heat in that store today, but I was NOT feeling it.  Not today.

I’m probably overreacting.  I am not a very large individual actually, but I definitely need to do some um, toning, before I rock that thing.  (Bat arms are not cute).  And alterations must be made.  Six weeks before the wedding, to be precise.  Whenever that is.  Sigh.

On the bright side, I heart the train.  It’s amazingly perfect.  I just hope MOH and whichever BM has dress duty has some serious patience because we’re talking about a lot of tulle.  (Is that pronounced TOOL or TOO-LAY)?

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  I can’t wait to go pick it up.  Step 2: figure out where to hide it so Fiance doesn’t sneak a peek!

Probably should wait on alterations, though, as I have no date as of yet.  Groan.

Read this.  (No synopsis for this one – you gotta read it).

A six-figure “settlement?”  For what?  Sounds like hush money of some sort if you ask moi.  But what do I know?  I just work here and I never even heard of Richard Jefferson until hearing this nonsense.  This yucky story kind of reminds me of when Kobe bought his wife that ring after his whole lawsuit debacle.  Gross.



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