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I bet these folks won’t be needing a blog to raise money for their wedding.  Adorable story, though.

In other news – I entered the Secret Flawless Diamond giveaway I blogged about the other day – and I won 5 movie passes!  It’s not a diamond, but hey – it’s 2.5 dates with my fiance!  🙂


Dear People Who Live Below Me,

Please stop screaming and slamming things.  You freak me out; you freak my dog out.

Thank you.

Howdy readers,

I apologize for the spotty updates as of late.  Busy long weekend.  As you know, we’ve been on the house hunt.  Any recent home-buyers out there?  Isn’t it exciting/draining/stressful/awesome?!  We have been looking for a bit and are hoping to be in a home this summer.  Not only will it be amazing to finally be in a place of our own, but buying house and moving in = let the wedding planning begin!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

As my Twitter followers know, one of my besties/BM’s surprised me and came up from NY this weekend with her fiance.  They’re getting married in two weeks and are just over the moon (I’m in their wedding and can’t wait – it’s going to be so much fun).  It was awesome to see them and talk wedding – she is actually going to come back up the weekend after her wedding to help me venue hunt.  I guess that will officially kick off the wedding planning!  It’s only been three months since we got engaged.  🙂

In other news, I FINALLY found shoes for her wedding – actually two pairs.  I ordered these and these.  The first ones are safe – plain, ivory wedding-ish pumps.  I really don’t love them and know that I’ll wear them once if I end up going with those.  I really like the second pair (ordered in Light Natural) – just not sure that they scream bridesmaid.  OK, fine – I know they don’t.  But I’ll definitely wear them again.  I need to try them with the dress and obvi if they’re completely inappropriate, I’ll send them back, suck it up and rock the ivory wedding shoes.  Waaaaa!

My favorite email of the weekend came from Soundra, who is trying to recruit me to sell Tupperware.

Hmmm, what else?  Picked up some interesting new Twitter followers over the weekend.  On a disappointing note, not a single donation this weekend.  😦  If you’ve donated, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU – and please tell your friends they should, too.  I’ll love you for life.

Oh, and one more tidbit before I sign off.  Have you guys heard of the new reality show Hitched or Ditched? I don’t know about you, but I’m with the author of this article – Why are summer reality shows so mean?  This show seems like it will be a wedding version of Moment of Truth – aka a total nightmare.  

Recessionistas heart free stuff, so the mere thought of free bling is enough to make us weak in the knees.  Needless to say – Secret Flawless’s new contest is my fantasy.  Summary: they are giving away flawless 1-carat diamonds.  If you want a shot at a free rock, enter ASAP as the contest ends soon!

Long weekends = fab.

Will blog tonight – promise.


I remember wondering as a little kid why adults got so excited about long weekends.  It’s just one extra day, after all.  Now I totally get it.  One extra day means a bunch of awesome things – an extra day AWAY from the office, an extra day to do things we feel like we are never able to get to over the too-short weekends, and the fact that when we have to return to work – it’s only a four day week until the NEXT weekend!  🙂

I hope you guys have a great long weekend… I’ll be out house-hunting AND shoe-hunting.  I still haven’t found ivory heels for my friend’s wedding in two weeks.


This morning, I had an email in my HMPFMW inbox titled, “playful and curious.”  Gross.

** Avoid:  wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

i am a 24 year old female i have a car and avaliable to travel and i’m
very interested in what you are offering msg me on y-hoo msgr on

Um… OK.  I know it’s spam, obvi.  But seriously, spammers – at least send me relevant spam.  Not this nonsense.  I’ve also gotten some emails from Craigslist trollers with topics like “Are you in debt?”  trying to get me to participate in get-rich quick schemes.  Sigh.  I’m not IN debt; I’m trying to stay OUT.

It’s funny how different sites attract different personalities.  Craigslist has all the wackos and mean/crude people.  Lots of swearing on the message boards over there.  And nasty emails.  I heart the Twitter crowd.  The wedding related boards (,, are an interesting bunch – some seem totally hilarious and open-minded, while some are a bit judgy-pants (of my blog, at least – very “Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her butt” comments), but really supportive of other brides.  Lots of ooohing and ahhhing at each others’ rings, dresses, etc.  Really cute to read, but I’m a bit scared to participate in all that.  They’re hardcore.  The Knot was actually the first message board to find my blog and write about it, and thanks to Champagne Supernova, a member who is evidently disgusted by me, the word got out!  Thanks, Champagne.  Couldn’t have done it without ya.  😉

On another note, a band from Texas offered to play at my wedding if I were in the area!  Sweet, right?  Unfortunately, we’re a bit far so that will be a no-go.  But I so appreciate the vendors and photogs and planners from all over who’ve offered their services.  You are amazing.  And all you readers who’ve donated a buck or two, you’re fabulous, too.  Can you tell your fun friends who you think would give a buck that they should?  I’ll love you for life.


A designer after my own heart.

Today, I got a tweet from @AlfredAngelo informing me that they’ve launched the “Recessionista Collection” in honor of broke brides-to-be like moi.  How fab!  Apparently, these little get-ups start at just $299.  I’ll totally check them out!  I also caught wind that they are in the midst of “Bridesmaid Bash,” which means BM dresses are $20 off.  Unfortunately, I can’t take advantage of that at the moment… we’re not that far along yet.  But I did decide on a color for my beautiful BM’s.

Drumroll, please…….. PLATINUM!

bm_dress1 bmdress2

Well?  I’m thinking more along the lines of the second dress.  I like the first, minus that white belt thing and that bizarre-o headpiece.  We’ll see.  I might even go a tiny darker… like almost borderline charcoal/silver.  Depends on the time of year, I suppose.  What do you guys think of the color?  Cute, no?

PS – I’m still going to poll you guys when it comes to serious decision time.  I’ll narrow down my choices and post here for you guys to vote on.  I need all the help I can get, as you well know.


Do you guys post on these things?  Do you find them helpful?  I know my blog’s been discussed (or should I say disgust in some particular cases) on these things, so I’m a little hesitant to join in the convo.  Thoughts?

Get on it, lady. Every week I’m disappointed by your lack of content. Makes me want to donate a cat turd instead of a buck.

For the rest of Bridgette’s comment, check out the Rent Party post below.

Sorry, B.  I can’t win with this blog.  I’ve gotten emails that say things like, “Maybe you should stop blogging and start scouring the wedding websites for bargains and DIY ideas!” and now Bridgette wants me to show more commitment to the blog and deliver riveting content.  SIGH.

Truthfully, I’d love to dedicate more time to the blog.  I actually enjoy it more than I expected to and I get a huge kick out of interacting with you fabulous readers.  But, believe it or not, I do have a life offline.  A lot going on, actually.  I’m going for a promotion at work and preparing for the interview process has been a time suck.  Not to mention regular work.  Despite the fact that I have a blog dedicated to wedding fundraising, I do have a full time job (and by full time, I mean 50+ hours a week).  I’m pretty spent when I get home, as I’m sure most hardworking ladies are.  Then there’s cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dog, spending time with my fiance and our families, and house-hunting.  House-hunting is INSANITY.

Not that I’m complaining, and I really do appreciate your comment, Bridgette.  (Is this Bridgette Marquardt from Girls Next Door by chance?  I heart her).  You’ve put out there what I already knew.  My posts get boring.  That last one was total filler.  I don’t really care about rent parties and I’ll say it – I would never have one.  (But you guys should if you want).  I just needed some material to post, and a friend told me about the rent party thing and thought it might be a cute little discush.  Sorry it was a snooze.  I can’t always be on, peeps.  But I solemnly vow to make more of an effort.  I’m not lazy – just busy with stuff.

Hint – if you want to keep up with me on a moment-to-moment basis, follow me on Twitter.  I’m @brokebride2be.

So, Bridgette, I totally appreciate the kick in the butt and the fact that you read.  But please don’t send me a cat turd.  Ew.



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