As annoying as she can be, I really felt bad for Ali.  What a disaster!  I was trying to put myself in her shoes and what. a. nightmare.  (Although because I’m a total romantic risk-taker, I would have said screw the job).

What do you think?  Did she make the right decision?  I mean, it would be completely devastating if you totally gave up your job and then ended up with nothing at the end.  Mortifying.  I’m so curious to see what she has to say to him next week.  You saw the previews, right – how she calls?  OMG.  Just get Vienna outta there.


Things I need to do

1. Shred with my Jillian Michaels DVD.

2. Finish cleaning the house.

3. Make dinner.

4. Eat dinner.

5. Return like 84 phone calls (Mom, future Mother-in-law, friends in other time zones…).

6. Finish the laundry that Fiance started.

I have to do all this before Desperate Housewives starts.  I could seriously give a crap about the Super Bowl.

What I’m doing instead

1. Blogging stupid lists.

2. Wasting time reading people’s Facebook status updates (because I really need to know that my friend’s friend is “WHO DAT?” right now).

3. Reading important information on Perez Hilton.

4. Thinking about the things I should be doing before Desperate Housewives starts.

OMG.  Need to get my act together.  I’ll have you know that I WORKED today.  Yes, on a Sunday.  I know – inhumane.  But after that, I had to RUSH (typical) to the mall to find a dress for my friend’s Valentine’s Day nuptials and while no children busted in on me today, the mall closed before I could decide and in typical BB2B fash, I walked out with 3 dresses and will need to select one and return the others.  It really never ends.

But on that note, I should really put a stop to the madness and get my shred over with.  Can’t have bat arms for the wedding.


Read all about my disastrous suit-shopping excursion here.  Strange how the third wedding dress I tried on was perfect and I bought it, but I can’t find a suit to save my life.

I seriously heart new readers. I got a sweet comment from a lovely who stumbled across the blogomatic and it just reminded me how small the world is with the internet. Glad you found me, Lindsey, and congrats on your engagement!

In other news, I’m at the airport right now waiting to board a flight home. I went out of town for the weekend to visit some besties and it was in a word, fab. My friends are scattered from coast to coast, so it’s not like we meet up for happy hour once a week. So, I always love a good catch up sesh. It was extra perfect because one of my bff’s recently got engaged and I was psyched to celebrate with her and her fiancé and see her new rock (which is absolutely GORGE, btw).

But, it’s always nice to go home and I seriously can’t wait to see Fiancé and the pup. Missed them big time. Also, gotta get back on the eating right/working out wagon. I wasn’t a total failure, as I went hiking Friday and jogging Saturday, but I was really on a roll shredding with my Jillian DVD and my 3 pound handweights are calling my name. Tomorrow after work, it’s so on.

Ok, gotta turn off the cell! Electronic devices, blah, blah…

Howdy, Peeps!

I hope you all had a fab weekend.  They go by WAY too fast.  A few interesting things happened for me this weekend.  Two of my good friends (who have the same name, coincidentally) got engaged.  And my mom tried to add me on Facebook.

I spent today being domestic – cleaning, cooking (lasagna and chili, so I don’t have to cook for the rest of the week), GTL (minus the T), and now getting ready to get into some sweats and head to the couch to watch something other than Desperate Housewives since it’s a re-run.  Booo.

A woman waiting in the deli line at the grocery store told me I “had the bling going on” today.  She must have been able to tell by my face that I had no idea what she was talking about and so she said, “Your ring.  It’s so sparkly and beautiful!”  She went on to show me her diamond, which she recently had reset for her 15th wedding anniversary and we chatted for a few minutes.  So cute.

And on that note, have a divine evening, loves.


Ch-Check it out!

Since I launched Help Me Pay For My Wedding last March (holy moly – I can’t believe how fast time flies), I’ve been called spoiled, entitled, immature, and my personal fave – “greety.”  (All together now for a  collective eye roll).  While I stand by my blog and my quest to raise money for my wedding via fabulous, generous, and hilariously supportive readers like you, and I still consider my idea to be brilliantly enterprising and clever, even I know that there are more important things in life than bacon-wrapped scallops.  To be completely honest, this whole blogging thing grew into something more than just collecting money for my wedding.  As loser-y as it may sound, I actually feel like I know many of you guys through your comments, emails, and Tweets.  You’ve taught me about wedding blog acronyms (MOH, FH… see?), helped me navigate the vicious waters of the online bride-to-be communities, shared in my confusion about why cakes cost so much, jumped to my defense when the hater-y commenters got too big for their britches, and Tweeted with me about my love for Desperate Housewives. It is fulfilling to know that you find me entertaining and that you’re routing for me whether you donate or not.  It’s also pretty freakin’ cool to know that thousands and thousands of people stop by my blog to check in on me and actually give a crap about reading my nonsense.  (For all you faithfuls – I know I’ve been a lazy blogger.  I’m seriously going to make an effort to get back into it… I just kinda lost enthusiasm for wedding banter a bit with not having a date set, blah blah blah…).  But, I digress.

The big question I’ve been asked since the beginning.  How much have you collected? Drumroll, please… $139.51.  Ta da!  While your curiosity is satisfied, I know some of you are definitely scoffing for different reasons – That’s it?! or I can’t believe anyone donated a dime to this psycho.  Whatevs your thoughts are on the matter are irrelevant to me, because I am super grateful that anyone even reads and gets a chuckle out of my shananigans, much less donates his or her hard-earned money.  But here’s the real reason for the big reveal.

Unless you’ve been hibernating, you obvi know that Haiti needs our help.  And they need cash for things infinitely more important than wedding invitations and passed hors d’oeuvres.  So, in addition to donating to the Haiti Earthquake Relief efforts on my own through Wyclef Jean’s Yele organization, I have donated all the money you’ve so kindly given me to Save The Children’s Haiti Earthquake Children in Emergency Fund.  I just felt like it was the right thing to do.

So, with no date set and the wedding account at $0, I feel richer to have been able to pass the kindness you’ve shown me on to people who really need it.

I know you can Google on your own if you want to donate, but since you’re already here and it’s on your mind, check out these amazing organizations making it really easy to give:

American Red Cross

Yele Haiti

Save The Children

Thanks for reading.  I heart you all.



Happy 2010, peeps!  Yeah, yeah, I’m late.  Grumble, grumble, boo, hiss.  For those who continue to tune in (seriously – how long does it REALLY take to grab a gander at my blog to see if I’ve updated and find that I haven’t?  You know you’re bored at work anyway), I heart you.  The real HMPFMW peeps know they can find me weekly at TweetMyWedding anyway.  Nothing new in my life = no updates to the blog.  Sorry, kids.

But enough of that.  What’s been going on?  My friend who didn’t invite me to her wedding got hitched on New Year’s Eve.  Still waiting to stalk the pictures on Facebook.  Nothing yet.  Found out a little girl (well, who’s now 19) that I coached at summer camp back in the day is getting married ON WEDNESDAY to her little boyfriend.  Way to dive right in.  Oh, and one of my annoying co-workers got engaged.  Hoorah!  As for yours truly, No-Date Nancy, still nothing on the horizon.  Whatevs.

More importantly, have you been watching “For the Love of Ray J?”  Poor Caliente.  I liked her.

I got a weird email today from “dog health problems” (yes, that’s the sender’s name) saying she(?) stumbled upon my blog and featured it on theirs.  Um… OK?

In other news, it’s frigid in Boston.  Don’t ever come here in the winter.  I’m not joking.


But instead I’m thinking about my dear old blog that I’ve been neglecting.  If you keep up with my weekly posts on Tweet My Wedding, you’ve heard that I have no plans for New Year’s Eve.  Before I pitch the idea of having a low key party here at the house to fiancee, does anyone have any recessionista-friendly ideas to ring in 2010?

2010 resolution (more to follow, I’m sure): Blog more.

Avoid the malls and hook her up with some shiz from the HMPFMW Store! You know you want to.  🙂



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