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I’m late to the party, I know… and you’ve all obvi seen this, like 839 times, but still had to post it.  It would be totes un-HMPFMW of me not to (stifle your yawns, por favor).

I give you… Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from that guy.

Seriously? (photo jacked from People magazine)

20.5 carats.  I have no words.  Do you?


I heart Khloe and all things Kardashian and am an avid viewer of her mindlessly amusing reality shows, which is why I’m not shocked that she’s marrying L.A. Laker Lamar Odom after just weeks of dating.  I mean, if she knows he’s the one, why wait?  Clearly, they have the cash to throw together what People magazine is saying will be a “very detailed and classy affair,” and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t set up her own version of HMPFMW.

What she has set up online, though, is her wedding registry.  Obvi, I had to spy, and so should you.  Take a gander (visit the Williams-Sonoma website; search “Khloe Kardashian” under wedding registries) and have a chuckle.  Love you, Khloe, but come on honey.  Do you expect us to believe you’re ever going to make a meatloaf?  Or better yet, wear an apron?  Hey, I could be wrong.  Maybe she’s a closet Julia Child.

What the heck.  Congrats to Khloe and Lamar.  Can’t wait to see the pics they sell to US Weekly.  Any guesses on what type of dress she’ll rock?  And speaking of ROCK – I want to see the ring!  E! Online reports that it’s 9 carats!

Dashing to the altar.

Dashing to the altar.

Anyone else a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fiend?  Obviously, I am (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m entertained by mindless television – lots of Desperate Housewives, Girls Next Door, The Soup, et al) – and so I’m not shocked that Kim has already chosen her own engagement ring – and assumes this will make Reggie’s life easier when/if he decides to pop the question.

What are your thoughts on this?

Moi?  Personally, I love the fact that my fiance picked out my ring on his own.  He definitely asked me over the years what kind of ring I would want, but I instead told him what I definitely would not want.  I figured that telling him no yellow gold or three-stone rings would be a good starting point.  There’s something special about a ring that your fiance picks out himself – for me, choosing the exact stone and ring myself would have taken out some of the excitement.  I have friends who chose their own engagement rings, and I can completely understand doing this – it is a piece of jewelry you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so you should love it – but it’s not really my style.  Long story short, I love my ring and I love that my fiance picked it out on his own.

I know I haven’t been posting frequently, so here’s an update on my life:

1- Still house-hunting.  What an emotional rollercoaster.  We must have looked at 30 houses by now.

2- Still in the interview process for that promotion I was telling you about.  I was told that HR will be contacting me “about next steps.”

3- My friend’s wedding is this weekend!  I’m super excited.  It will be my first time ever being a bridesmaid.  And after a long shoe hunt, I found a really cute pair that I’ll definitely be able to wear again.  I will definitely be taking mental notes at this wedding for future reference.

Apologies for neglecting the blog.  I think once the wedding planning officially begins (after we get a house), the blog will liven up A LOT.


Allegedly, Heidi and Spencer broke them all!  I might be “tacky” for accepting donations on the internet, but then again – my wedding planning isn’t being covered by Us Weekly. I guess no one’s safe from wedding judgery.  (What’s the real word for that?)

At risk of getting all Perez Hilton (love him!), check out the goss on what TMZ considers Speidi’s wedding follies.  Chicken salad on a cracker?!  Hey, maybe Spencer digs it…

This begs the question – are the rules for celebrity weddings more stringent than those for us regular peeps?  If TMZ is crucifying poor Speidi for not having enough food and servers, I fear what they’d think of the DIY suggestions I’ve been getting.

Note – this post is NOT suggesting that I need/want/expect/am entitled to a celeb-status affair (although it would be fabulous).  Make no mistake.  Just sparking some discush here.  I am of the opinion that expectations go WAY up when it comes to celebs and people with cash – ESPECIALLY ones like Speidi that heart attention.



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