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Tap, tap… Is this thing on?  I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted, but I still get lots of emails and most of them are broke brides-to-be like I was asking the same questions:  Did this really work?  How can I raise funds for my own wedding?  Drumroll…..

Starting a full-fledged website like this isn’t an option for most people. It’s incredibly time consuming and takes some tech savvy. Thankfully, the folks at  Go Get Funding have created a solution.  (Phew).  This amazeballs new fundraising site is easy to use, has a bunch of useful features, and even has a dedicated section specifically for wedding fundraisers.  Perf!

Here’s how it works (and a few fab tips for raising the money you need):

Register on the site and click the start a funding project button.  You’ll be whisked away to the page where you can create your very own fundraiser.  Decide how much you want to raise. I suggest raising part of the money you need for your wedding but you could always go for the whole shebang if you think you can make it.

Add as much detail as you can and be personal. Tell the interwebs why you can’t raise the funds yourself, and how those that don’t contribute are depriving you of eternal marital happiness.

Instead of just adding pictures to your fundraiser, add video! That helps create an extra personal fundraiser and stats show that you can raise around 125% more when you’ve included a video. By doing this, you may also be able to pick up extra traffic from wherever you upload your video, i.e. YouTube.  Brillz!  Who doesn’t want exposure?

Use the Go Get Funding feature that lets you add thoughtful rewards for pledges. For example, you could offer a shout out during the Maid of Honor’s speech to those that contribute $30 to $100. You could reward those that pledge $100 to $200 with a shout out and the chance to get the DJ to play a song of their choice. I know, I know… that might be a stretch.  I forbade our DJ from taking requests from guests, but I’m also psychotic and a control freak.  And I didn’t want my 75 year old aunt to have to listen to “Hot in Herrre” by Nelly.

Once you’ve created your project, tell everyone about it and share it with your social networks! You should totes read Go Get Funding’s guide to promoting your project, which is pretty comprehensive.

Remember, as I did on this site, keep your audience engaged by posting updates and hopefully, before you know it, you’ll have hit your target!  If only Go Get Funding had been around while we were planning our wedding!

Have fun, and happy fundraising!

xo BB2B




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