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Tap, tap… Is this thing on?  I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted, but I still get lots of emails and most of them are broke brides-to-be like I was asking the same questions:  Did this really work?  How can I raise funds for my own wedding?  Drumroll…..

Starting a full-fledged website like this isn’t an option for most people. It’s incredibly time consuming and takes some tech savvy. Thankfully, the folks at  Go Get Funding have created a solution.  (Phew).  This amazeballs new fundraising site is easy to use, has a bunch of useful features, and even has a dedicated section specifically for wedding fundraisers.  Perf!

Here’s how it works (and a few fab tips for raising the money you need):

Register on the site and click the start a funding project button.  You’ll be whisked away to the page where you can create your very own fundraiser.  Decide how much you want to raise. I suggest raising part of the money you need for your wedding but you could always go for the whole shebang if you think you can make it.

Add as much detail as you can and be personal. Tell the interwebs why you can’t raise the funds yourself, and how those that don’t contribute are depriving you of eternal marital happiness.

Instead of just adding pictures to your fundraiser, add video! That helps create an extra personal fundraiser and stats show that you can raise around 125% more when you’ve included a video. By doing this, you may also be able to pick up extra traffic from wherever you upload your video, i.e. YouTube.  Brillz!  Who doesn’t want exposure?

Use the Go Get Funding feature that lets you add thoughtful rewards for pledges. For example, you could offer a shout out during the Maid of Honor’s speech to those that contribute $30 to $100. You could reward those that pledge $100 to $200 with a shout out and the chance to get the DJ to play a song of their choice. I know, I know… that might be a stretch.  I forbade our DJ from taking requests from guests, but I’m also psychotic and a control freak.  And I didn’t want my 75 year old aunt to have to listen to “Hot in Herrre” by Nelly.

Once you’ve created your project, tell everyone about it and share it with your social networks! You should totes read Go Get Funding’s guide to promoting your project, which is pretty comprehensive.

Remember, as I did on this site, keep your audience engaged by posting updates and hopefully, before you know it, you’ll have hit your target!  If only Go Get Funding had been around while we were planning our wedding!

Have fun, and happy fundraising!

xo BB2B


Every girl knows that diamonds are forever, but it shouldn’t have to take your future fiance forever to save up for one.  Enter SoKoBe.  Why put your fiance through the financial stress and yourself through what seems like an impossibly eternal wait, when this online jeweler is offering a diamond for your thoughts?  Or hopefully mine – in which case there’s still something in it for you.  Keep reading.

The blog title pretty much says it all – HelpMePayForMyWedding.  While I strongly encourage utilizing the donate button to the left (pretty please?  It’s good karma), many of you are helping me pay for my wedding in other ways – through your kind, supportive emails (I heart you, cheerleaders!), helpful budget-savvy suggestions (who knew that wedding cakes were sometimes half styrofoam?), and hilarious comments… even those disgusted with my cluelessness and wedding non-etiquette have helped me out by blogging about how gross I am – press is press, people!  You’re helping spread the word!  So I owe you all a gigantic thank you, but I’m thinking that SoKoBe might have a way to help me help you (which in turn helps me) – if they’re game.

OK, so they’re giving away diamonds.  Yes, you read that correctly.  They’re giving away diamonds and I’m trying to get my hands on one.  What’s in it for you, you ask?  A girl can never have too many diamonds, but I don’t need an engagement ring – I have a gorgeous one on my finger already.  But maybe some of you might want one?  Maybe it might speed up that proposal you’ve been waiting forever for?  Or for you fellow recessionista brides-to-be, maybe you got engaged but an engagement ring is on hold until the economy turns around?  Fear not!  If SoKoBe decides I’m worthy of the $4,600 diamond ring they’re giving away, I’m going to turn around and give it to one of you – raffle style.

Many of you super-generous folks have donated a buck or two out of the kindness of your hearts, and haven’t expected anything in return except a shout-out in my thank-you’s.  Well, if I win the diamond ring, you can enter to win it through this blog – $1 an entry.  So if you donate $5, that’s five chances to win a freakin’ amazing $4,600 diamond ring!  That’s $4,600 more to spend on bacon-wrapped scallops for your cocktail hour!  🙂

SoKoBe, you even win in this deal.  Your contest technically ends on 6/24, but if I win, I’ll keep it going for you.  (Not sure how long yet – maybe a month?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

So, you want a story in exchange for a diamond?  I have a good one and it starts with my very first post back on March 29.  It’s the story of a recessionista bride getting creative in trying to fund a fabulous wedding in this dismal economy.  Help me write the next chapter!  (Hint: make it a happily ever after fairy tale).

And to all my loyal readers, harsh critics, and HMPFMW junkies – if you have an amazing story, you should totally enter this contest!  All’s fair in diamond giveaways, after all.

**Disclaimer – if I win the earrings, I’m keeping them.  I’ll need some extra bling on my big day!

PS – I was wrong about the $37 per person venue.  I should have known there was a catch.  That’s just for open bar per person.  Can you believe that?  Their “platinum package” is $225 per person!  Back to the drawing board.

I’m not sure when it will air, but I’m interviewing with Mix 94.1 in Canton, OH tomorrow morning!  When I find out the deets, I’ll let you guys know so you can check it out.

Wedding location update: The State Room still costs $40k unless I do a Sunday brunch (NO THANK YOU) or a Friday night (wish I could, but inconvenient for guests).  Wellesley Horticultural Center STILL hasn’t returned my calls – I wonder if the wedding coordinator is on vay-cay?!  Spring Valley Country Club – spoke to the event coordinator today.  Her name is JoAnn and she was really nice.  She sent me some info about different wedding packages and I’ve yet to look through it.  I did scan through the food list, though.  They have bacon wrapped scallops so they’re still in the game.  Step two on Spring Valley = get my fiance to come with me to check it out.



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