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I spent mine at a wedding.  Read all about it at Tweet My Wedding.

In other news, it’s lent.  I debated giving up chocolate or cheese (I gave up cheese one year and it was horrif) or soda, but I opted for more of a meaningful challenge this year.  No cell phone use or radio in the car until Easter.  So I’m forced to have some peace and quiet and reflect on my life rather than numb my brain listening to Young Money.  I decided this after arriving at work today, so I talked on the cell AND listened to the radio in the car this morning, but not on my way home and no mas until Easter.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

What else.  Well, I fell of the fitness wagon this weekend since we were away.  I mean, there was a gym at the hotel and I so should have sucked it up and just worked out, but nope.  So, tomorrow it’s back to the elliptical and the 30-Day Shred.

I hope you all had a fab long weekend…



As annoying as she can be, I really felt bad for Ali.  What a disaster!  I was trying to put myself in her shoes and what. a. nightmare.  (Although because I’m a total romantic risk-taker, I would have said screw the job).

What do you think?  Did she make the right decision?  I mean, it would be completely devastating if you totally gave up your job and then ended up with nothing at the end.  Mortifying.  I’m so curious to see what she has to say to him next week.  You saw the previews, right – how she calls?  OMG.  Just get Vienna outta there.

Things I need to do

1. Shred with my Jillian Michaels DVD.

2. Finish cleaning the house.

3. Make dinner.

4. Eat dinner.

5. Return like 84 phone calls (Mom, future Mother-in-law, friends in other time zones…).

6. Finish the laundry that Fiance started.

I have to do all this before Desperate Housewives starts.  I could seriously give a crap about the Super Bowl.

What I’m doing instead

1. Blogging stupid lists.

2. Wasting time reading people’s Facebook status updates (because I really need to know that my friend’s friend is “WHO DAT?” right now).

3. Reading important information on Perez Hilton.

4. Thinking about the things I should be doing before Desperate Housewives starts.

OMG.  Need to get my act together.  I’ll have you know that I WORKED today.  Yes, on a Sunday.  I know – inhumane.  But after that, I had to RUSH (typical) to the mall to find a dress for my friend’s Valentine’s Day nuptials and while no children busted in on me today, the mall closed before I could decide and in typical BB2B fash, I walked out with 3 dresses and will need to select one and return the others.  It really never ends.

But on that note, I should really put a stop to the madness and get my shred over with.  Can’t have bat arms for the wedding.


Read all about my disastrous suit-shopping excursion here.  Strange how the third wedding dress I tried on was perfect and I bought it, but I can’t find a suit to save my life.

I seriously heart new readers. I got a sweet comment from a lovely who stumbled across the blogomatic and it just reminded me how small the world is with the internet. Glad you found me, Lindsey, and congrats on your engagement!

In other news, I’m at the airport right now waiting to board a flight home. I went out of town for the weekend to visit some besties and it was in a word, fab. My friends are scattered from coast to coast, so it’s not like we meet up for happy hour once a week. So, I always love a good catch up sesh. It was extra perfect because one of my bff’s recently got engaged and I was psyched to celebrate with her and her fiancé and see her new rock (which is absolutely GORGE, btw).

But, it’s always nice to go home and I seriously can’t wait to see Fiancé and the pup. Missed them big time. Also, gotta get back on the eating right/working out wagon. I wasn’t a total failure, as I went hiking Friday and jogging Saturday, but I was really on a roll shredding with my Jillian DVD and my 3 pound handweights are calling my name. Tomorrow after work, it’s so on.

Ok, gotta turn off the cell! Electronic devices, blah, blah…



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