1. Why are you so anonymous?  Can’t you tell us more about yourself than the fact that you like Desperate Housewives?

I’m flattered you’re interested.  What exactly do you want to know?

2. Why would I give you money?

Ummm… not sure.  Some people have donated because they think I’m funny and enjoy my blog.  Others donate because they never had their own dream wedding and want to contribute what they can to someone else’s.  Basically, you get nothing out of it other than a sincere thank you from me and the warm fuzzies that come with helping a sister out.

3.  You could be some big, fat liar and not a bacon-wrapped-scallop-loving bride-to-be at all.  How do I know this isn’t a scam?

I guess you really don’t.  I mean, I swear – there really is an engaged chick behind this computer.  But this is the internet – I guess you can never be 100% certain where your buck is going once you click “donate.”

4.  Will your wedding be on YouTube?

I have no plans to publicly air my nuptials over the internet or any other medium at this time.  And if you have read my blog, you’ll quickly figure out that I have no plans in general for my wedding at this time.  I’m a hot mess.

5.  If you don’t have the money right now for the lavish affair you want, why don’t you just get married at the courthouse?

Because I don’t want to get married where people get divorced and go to jail.  If I don’t come up with the cash to cover my every indulgence, we’ll just have to figure out an alternative.  I just don’t want to wait til I’m 87 to get hitched.

6.  Are you REALLY getting donations?

Yes, shockingly.  I get all giddy every time I see another dollar roll in.  Or should I say ‘trickle’ in?

7.  Shouldn’t you just be happy to be marrying the man you love?  Why are you putting so much emphasis on the wedding?

Ahem, OBVIOUSLY I am elated to be marrying the man I love.  And I would marry him if we had no choice but to do so in the city dump.  HOWEVER!  I’d adore to have the wedding that I’ve imagined in my head and don’t want to settle for less if I don’t have to.

8.  I’d rather donate my dollar to a real cause.  Don’t you feel selfish and spoiled for collecting funds for your little “charity?”

As I communicated in one of my blog posts, helpmepayformywedding.com is not a charity.  It’s an experiment.  If you’re torn between donating a buck to me and donating a buck to an actual cause, I think you can make that moral decision pretty easily.  I don’t feel selfish or spoiled – just grateful that readers are willing to help a sister out!

9.  What is your plan for the future of this website?

Once I finally have enough cash to have the wedding I want, I’m gonna get hitched and enjoy a little time with my hot husband-to-be.  Then, back to the blog.  I can totally envision this site becoming the ultimate resource for the everyday bride.  I think that there are a zillion regular, hard-working chicks out there who would adore to have their dream wedding, but financially can not or should not.  So they’re forced to forgo things they really want in the name of cutting cost – things like a cocktail hour, or a beautiful veil, or maybe it’s flowers.  I don’t think it’s selfish or spoiled to use creative means to get what you want – especially in this economy and ESPECIALLY for your wedding.  My fantasy would be to create a community of recent brides, bridesmaids, and brides-to-be who want to help each other out – either by donating a buck, or donating their gently worn dresses to future brides.  I’m pretty positive that my entire bridal party would be willing to donate their BM dresses after the big day – all 9 of them.  Think about it.  Are you REALLY going to wear those shoes again?  Might as well pass ’em off to a fellow size 5 1/2 bride-to-be if they’re still looking great.  I’d also love to create a running list of fabulous vendors who’d be willing to give a little love in exchange for some advertising/PR on the site.  It could be amazing!  Anyway, I’d have to iron out the wrinkles, but that’s the essence.  Delusions of grandeur?  Maybe.  But that’s part of my charm.