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I’m late to the party, I know… and you’ve all obvi seen this, like 839 times, but still had to post it.  It would be totes un-HMPFMW of me not to (stifle your yawns, por favor).

I give you… Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from that guy.

Seriously? (photo jacked from People magazine)

20.5 carats.  I have no words.  Do you?


Anyone out there?  Probably not since I suck at blogging these days.  I’m on an indefinite hiatus from HMPFMW.  Care about my life?  Follow me on Twitter for your minute-to-minute fix and check me out every Wednesday over at the Tweet My Wedding blog.

I heart you!


I’m so aggravated with work.  I want to go for a promotion and I think my boss is discouraging it.  I won’t elaborate as I know that people get canned for that kind of thing.  Getting canned = SERIOUSLY no wedding money.  I wish I could vent, but this will have to do:


(That’s me freaking out).

In other breaking news, after wanting to vomit after a 2-cheeseburger meal I ate a few days ago, I have vowed to not eat McDonald’s for the rest of the year.  I know people think McDonald’s is disgusting, but I find it heavenly.  Until after when I can’t eat again for the rest of the day and I get out of breath walking the dog.

Can you guys tell I’m in a hideous mood tonight?  Sorry – misery loves company, I guess.  Someone email me or leave a funny comment so I can have a chuckle.  PLEASE.  Better yet, donate a buck if you’re feeling froggy.

I have been nutty busy at work.  Gotta rush two minutes ago to another work event.  WILL. BLOG. ASAP.

PS – Who’s totally freaked out about the whole swine flu sitch?!

Howdy, readers.  I’m really exhausted and stared at a screen for way too long at work today.  Hence, no energy to post anything substantial.  Sorry, guys.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou to the two lovely folks (Jess and DallasWeddings1) who donated today – I’m $4.25 closer to my dream wedding because of your kindness.  🙂

Bedtime for me, my friends.  If you’re awake and reading and can spare 1/5 of $5 footlong, feel free to click “donate.”  It will really make my morning.




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