Like 8 million of my friends/acquaintances are engaged.  All planning like banshees.  Facebook status updates like “Registering!” or “Band.  Check!”  Overachievers.  Even my un-engaged friends have gone wild and are emailing me pictures of rings and dresses and venues with subject lines like, “To die.”  Is that what starts happening at this age?  I’m sure you can imagine that my status updates don’t have anything to do with weddings.  No, my Facebook updates are usually lame – weather complaints or “It’s Friday!” Boring, I know.  Maybe I’ll delete my account.  I don’t need middle school classmates spying on my life anyway.

In any event, everyone’s engaged or about to be.  And they are like, planning maniacs.  The opposite of me.  Next.

How about Kendra’s US Weekly cover?  She cracks me up.  The change in her body = “culture shock.”  How can you not love?