Um, that would be a NO.  Obvi, he was picking Vienna Mocha Chunk.  He basically told Tenley that he wasn’t attracted to her.  What a catastrophe!  IMO, Tenley is a snooze – sweet girl – but 100% snoozefest, and Vienna is fun, but too young to get married.  Eh, I just work here.

Now, the countdown is on til Bachelorette.  What a loser I am.  Thank God Kendra is starting back up!

In other news, I’ve been stressed beyond beyond.  I have a ton going on at work (riveting, I know), and it’s actually been taking a toll.  Maybe now you understand my unhealthy obsesh with reality TV – I just need to decompress when I get home at 8:30pm each night after a way-too-long work day.  I also fell off the workout wagon.  Jillian would hate me.  After we got back from our weekend away a couple weeks ago, I just have not been to the gym.  But I have been to Dunkin’ Donuts to grab chocolate chip muffins in the morning.  Delish, but muffins = muffin top and I need to put a stop to the madness before I undo all the work I did to get rid of my bat arms.