Didn’t get in on the 99 Cent Store wedding and can’t make it to Florida to get hitched at the drive-through?  It’s your lucky day, lovers of the open road, because now you can have your ceremony in a mobile chapel.

A Reverend in Illinois has converted an old fire truck into a chapel on wheels – and it’s open for business.  For $2 per mile, plus a $200 fee, Rev. Darrell Best will hop in his chapel, put the pedal to the metal, and drive it to where you are.  He says he wanted to give couples without a church the opportunity to have a special service.

My personal favorite part of this story is that 1 – the Reverend owns a fire truck and 2 – that it was converted into a chapel on wheels on Country Music Television’s show, “Trick My Truck.”  Hilarity!

“I’ve always loved firetrucks,” the Reverend told NBCChicago.com. “And I love my job, and I guess I’ve been making the boss happy. I’ve got a corporate vehicle.”

wedding on wheels

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