…even on my beloved E! News.  Tonight, between important gossip items such as Shia LeBeouf’s alleged romance with his new co-star and Chris Brown’s court appearance, Giuliana Rancic talked weddings!  If you are busy with other things in life and don’t care to keep up on celeb goss (shame on you!) – here’s a little wedding fodder that you missed.

Ways to Save on Cakes

Well, loyal readers know that we discussed this ions ago, but it was a nice refresher.  G’s ways to save included –

1. Go with round layers rather than square.  Round cakes are cheaper because they are easier to frost.  Interesting.  I actually kinda think round cakes look cooler than square, so… works for me!

2. Borrow a cake-topper and cutting knives rather than buying new ones. Eh, sounds easy enough, I suppose.  But I’m not sure I know anyone who has wedding cake toppers laying around.  I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask my recently hitched friends.  They must have had cake-toppers and stuff.  Isn’t that funny… I didn’t even notice enough to remember.

3. Use wedding flowers you’ve already bought rather than sugar ones. These sugar flowers are quite the project for bakers and time = money with these peeps.  Real flowers it is!

Ways to Save on Reception Food and Drink

1.  Opt for duck, pasta, and comfort foods.  These dishes are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other menu options. Pretty obvi, no?  Of course these choices will be cheaper than filet mignon.  But I can’t/won’t get with the duck.  My family and friends would vom.  Pasta and comfort foods, however – I can work with that.  As long as I can have my bacon-wrapped scallops passed around at cocktail hour.

2.  Buffet style is cheaper than sit-down. Duh.

3.  Serve only beer and wine rather than offering an open bar. Hmmmm.  I’m not 10000% sure about this one.  While you can save a little by doing this, I’ve found with the couple of venues I’ve visited that the savings isn’t significant.  *Shrug*  On this one, I have to say that I subscribe to the school of thought that if you’re going to spend $40 per person to serve beer and wine all night, that you might as well go nuts and spend $45 so they get a martini if they want.

Nothing groundbreaking, but the round cake thing was something I hadn’t heard of before.  Ya learn something new everyday.  🙂