Things I need to do

1. Shred with my Jillian Michaels DVD.

2. Finish cleaning the house.

3. Make dinner.

4. Eat dinner.

5. Return like 84 phone calls (Mom, future Mother-in-law, friends in other time zones…).

6. Finish the laundry that Fiance started.

I have to do all this before Desperate Housewives starts.  I could seriously give a crap about the Super Bowl.

What I’m doing instead

1. Blogging stupid lists.

2. Wasting time reading people’s Facebook status updates (because I really need to know that my friend’s friend is “WHO DAT?” right now).

3. Reading important information on Perez Hilton.

4. Thinking about the things I should be doing before Desperate Housewives starts.

OMG.  Need to get my act together.  I’ll have you know that I WORKED today.  Yes, on a Sunday.  I know – inhumane.  But after that, I had to RUSH (typical) to the mall to find a dress for my friend’s Valentine’s Day nuptials and while no children busted in on me today, the mall closed before I could decide and in typical BB2B fash, I walked out with 3 dresses and will need to select one and return the others.  It really never ends.

But on that note, I should really put a stop to the madness and get my shred over with.  Can’t have bat arms for the wedding.