I seriously heart new readers. I got a sweet comment from a lovely who stumbled across the blogomatic and it just reminded me how small the world is with the internet. Glad you found me, Lindsey, and congrats on your engagement!

In other news, I’m at the airport right now waiting to board a flight home. I went out of town for the weekend to visit some besties and it was in a word, fab. My friends are scattered from coast to coast, so it’s not like we meet up for happy hour once a week. So, I always love a good catch up sesh. It was extra perfect because one of my bff’s recently got engaged and I was psyched to celebrate with her and her fiancé and see her new rock (which is absolutely GORGE, btw).

But, it’s always nice to go home and I seriously can’t wait to see Fiancé and the pup. Missed them big time. Also, gotta get back on the eating right/working out wagon. I wasn’t a total failure, as I went hiking Friday and jogging Saturday, but I was really on a roll shredding with my Jillian DVD and my 3 pound handweights are calling my name. Tomorrow after work, it’s so on.

Ok, gotta turn off the cell! Electronic devices, blah, blah…