Howdy, Peeps!

I hope you all had a fab weekend.  They go by WAY too fast.  A few interesting things happened for me this weekend.  Two of my good friends (who have the same name, coincidentally) got engaged.  And my mom tried to add me on Facebook.

I spent today being domestic – cleaning, cooking (lasagna and chili, so I don’t have to cook for the rest of the week), GTL (minus the T), and now getting ready to get into some sweats and head to the couch to watch something other than Desperate Housewives since it’s a re-run.  Booo.

A woman waiting in the deli line at the grocery store told me I “had the bling going on” today.  She must have been able to tell by my face that I had no idea what she was talking about and so she said, “Your ring.  It’s so sparkly and beautiful!”  She went on to show me her diamond, which she recently had reset for her 15th wedding anniversary and we chatted for a few minutes.  So cute.

And on that note, have a divine evening, loves.