Since I launched Help Me Pay For My Wedding last March (holy moly – I can’t believe how fast time flies), I’ve been called spoiled, entitled, immature, and my personal fave – “greety.”  (All together now for a  collective eye roll).  While I stand by my blog and my quest to raise money for my wedding via fabulous, generous, and hilariously supportive readers like you, and I still consider my idea to be brilliantly enterprising and clever, even I know that there are more important things in life than bacon-wrapped scallops.  To be completely honest, this whole blogging thing grew into something more than just collecting money for my wedding.  As loser-y as it may sound, I actually feel like I know many of you guys through your comments, emails, and Tweets.  You’ve taught me about wedding blog acronyms (MOH, FH… see?), helped me navigate the vicious waters of the online bride-to-be communities, shared in my confusion about why cakes cost so much, jumped to my defense when the hater-y commenters got too big for their britches, and Tweeted with me about my love for Desperate Housewives. It is fulfilling to know that you find me entertaining and that you’re routing for me whether you donate or not.  It’s also pretty freakin’ cool to know that thousands and thousands of people stop by my blog to check in on me and actually give a crap about reading my nonsense.  (For all you faithfuls – I know I’ve been a lazy blogger.  I’m seriously going to make an effort to get back into it… I just kinda lost enthusiasm for wedding banter a bit with not having a date set, blah blah blah…).  But, I digress.

The big question I’ve been asked since the beginning.  How much have you collected? Drumroll, please… $139.51.  Ta da!  While your curiosity is satisfied, I know some of you are definitely scoffing for different reasons – That’s it?! or I can’t believe anyone donated a dime to this psycho.  Whatevs your thoughts are on the matter are irrelevant to me, because I am super grateful that anyone even reads and gets a chuckle out of my shananigans, much less donates his or her hard-earned money.  But here’s the real reason for the big reveal.

Unless you’ve been hibernating, you obvi know that Haiti needs our help.  And they need cash for things infinitely more important than wedding invitations and passed hors d’oeuvres.  So, in addition to donating to the Haiti Earthquake Relief efforts on my own through Wyclef Jean’s Yele organization, I have donated all the money you’ve so kindly given me to Save The Children’s Haiti Earthquake Children in Emergency Fund.  I just felt like it was the right thing to do.

So, with no date set and the wedding account at $0, I feel richer to have been able to pass the kindness you’ve shown me on to people who really need it.

I know you can Google on your own if you want to donate, but since you’re already here and it’s on your mind, check out these amazing organizations making it really easy to give:

American Red Cross

Yele Haiti

Save The Children

Thanks for reading.  I heart you all.