Happy 2010, peeps!  Yeah, yeah, I’m late.  Grumble, grumble, boo, hiss.  For those who continue to tune in (seriously – how long does it REALLY take to grab a gander at my blog to see if I’ve updated and find that I haven’t?  You know you’re bored at work anyway), I heart you.  The real HMPFMW peeps know they can find me weekly at TweetMyWedding anyway.  Nothing new in my life = no updates to the blog.  Sorry, kids.

But enough of that.  What’s been going on?  My friend who didn’t invite me to her wedding got hitched on New Year’s Eve.  Still waiting to stalk the pictures on Facebook.  Nothing yet.  Found out a little girl (well, who’s now 19) that I coached at summer camp back in the day is getting married ON WEDNESDAY to her little boyfriend.  Way to dive right in.  Oh, and one of my annoying co-workers got engaged.  Hoorah!  As for yours truly, No-Date Nancy, still nothing on the horizon.  Whatevs.

More importantly, have you been watching “For the Love of Ray J?”  Poor Caliente.  I liked her.

I got a weird email today from “dog health problems” (yes, that’s the sender’s name) saying she(?) stumbled upon my blog and featured it on theirs.  Um… OK?

In other news, it’s frigid in Boston.  Don’t ever come here in the winter.  I’m not joking.