It’s been awhile since I’ve been moved to feature a reader comment, but this one was just too much of a doozy to ignore.  Check out these articulate words from a commenter who calls herself “Me.”

I am sure that you will try and spin this (as you have done with every negative comment) to try and seem cunning and clever, as if my comment is not intended to be rude but IT IS! You are ridiculous! I am having a FABULOUS wedding that my Fi and I are paying for on our own.

You say that you want a nice wedding and you dont want to save up until your “87″ in order to do it…don’t be stupid! We set our out for about a year and a half and that is extremely helpful.

Why dont you set it out 3 years…Im sure you will only be what 25 by then (as Im sure you are a child…or at least have the intellect of one)

HOW DARE ANYONE contribute to this stupid “cause”
You should be ashamed of yourselfs!

Just food for thought…I would rather burn $100 dollars than give you $1!

May God have mercy on your greety soul!

Oh, “Me.”  Where to begin?  Well, to start, you seem like a lovely girl.  And congrats on your engagement!  What an exciting time.  And how wonderful that you and your “Fi” are paying for your “FABULOUS” wedding on your own.  You must be proud of yourselves.  🙂

While your sage advice, i.e. “Don’t be stupid!” is extremely helpful and much appreciated, I do have one burning question for you.  What does “greety” mean?  Did you mean greedy?  Oh, and HMPFMW isn’t a cause – it’s just a blog.  One that you’re more than welcome to read or not read.  And I have more good news – you don’t have to burn $100 OR donate $1 to me!  Thank God, right?!

Again, congrats on your upcoming wedding!  I hope it’s all you’ve imagined and more!


PS – You should totally click on over to the HMPFMW Online Store and purchase a HMPFMW thermos.  You know you want one!