It’s been a long time.  I shouldnta left you…. without a dope beat to step to….

Yes, I’m alive.  Barely.  I feel like I’m always blah-blah-blah-ing about my long work hours, but that’s my excuse.  Did you read Tweet My Wedding today?  You should.  I blog about how my Dad told me I “don’t have much time” if I want to have kids.  Delightful, no?

You want a wedding update.  Except I don’t have one.  All that’s interesting to report is the fact that a wind/rain storm today blew down a tree nearby and most of it ended up in our backyard.  Oh, and I’m going to NYC this weekend to rock out with my MOH and one of my BM’s.  SO.  EXCITED.

Oh, AND I’ve been forcing myself to RUN.  Shockingly, I’m enjoying it once I get past the initial 7 minutes when I just want to stop and eat a piece of chocolate cake.  Loving Desperate and Melrose.  Ashlee is HORRIFIC, right?  But I’m addicted to her bad acting and weird facial expressions.

To stay on the wagon, I’m going downstairs to shred.