So, those who follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, you need to) know that my Dad is on vay-cay this week and he came over for dinner tonight.  As per usual, work was chaotic – I knew it would be, so started thinking of what to make at 8am this morning.  Long story short, plans changed when the trout at the grocery store looked icky, so I made an exec decision on the fly.

Here’s what I made (I pulled this one out of nowhere and it was actually pretty tasty!):

Scallop Recessionista

ingredients: 1.5 pounds of wild sea scallops, three spoonfuls of “butter” (read: Calcium-enriched Country Crock), some white wine (I just poured), juice from one fresh lemon, breadcrumbs, some oregano (like… 5 shakes or so?), 1 can beef broth, brown rice, fresh veggies (I made broccoli and carrots).

1. line a baking pan with tin foil (easier cleaning later – you’ll thank me).

2. spray with the stuff that makes food not stick.

3. Oh – preheat over to 350 degrees.

4. grab a bowl and throw the scallops in there.  shake around with bread crumbs so that the scallops are coated – then dump on foil-lined baking pan.

5. combine melted “butter” with wine and lemon juice.  dump on top of the scallops.

6. bake scallops for, mmmmmmmmmmmm – 20 minutes.

7. boil the beef broth – cook brown rice in the broth rather than in water – WAY tastier.

8. prepare veggies.

9. THE END.  serve scallops on top of rice with veggies on side.

30 minute meal and tres delish.  Watch out, Rachael Ray.  This made MORE than enough for my dad and me AND a plate for my fiance to eat when he gets home from work.