So, to continue the history of gift-giving being a bust, I give you this year’s outcome.  You already know I had to return Madden since he bought it himself.  Well, I decided to go with a few things that I know he uses/likes/is running out of, i.e. this certain aftershave that he told me he needed more of, some nutritional supplements from GNC that he takes and was running out of, and some other miscellaneous items.  Can’t go wrong, right?

Well, he got home from work last night carrying a bag.  WHAT DO YOU FREAKIN’ THINK WAS IN IT?!?!!  Obvi, it was a fresh bottle of the aftershave and more freakin’ GNC stuff!!!!!!  Defeated, I went upstairs and returned with the gift.  He opened it and started cracking up.  Sigh.

My only saving grace was that I also got him a subscription to Men’s Health.  And a card from me and another from our pup.  I can’t win.  Good thing Fiance subscribes to the idea of it being the thought that counts.