Normally when I get emails from The Knot, I get annoyed. Not because The Knot is annoying, but because it’s annoying that we haven’t set a date yet. And emails from The Knot are usually One month to go! type messages or lists of tasks I haven’t even thought about yet, much less completed. Like, seriously, The Knot, your reminders are reminders that I’ve done nothing. Not your fault, though. You’re just trying to help, I know. I did get an email from you today that I heart.

The subject line read, “10 Wedding Rules You Don’t Have to Follow.” Can I get a hell yeah? I like it already.

The Knot calls out passe etiquette and encourages brides to do what makes them comfortable, while giving fair warning that non-traditional choices may shock old school guests. Since I’m big on doing whatever I want, whatevs.

Check out the list here.

My fave item on the list? Old school rule #3: Your registry should consist entirely of housewares for your new home. Seriously, if you don’t need pots and pans, you don’t need pots and pans. If you are going to register for gifts, why not make a list of things you actually want?

One tradish I will stick with is the one about not seeing my fiance before the ceremony. What can I say? I guess I’m a little superstish.