Plain and simple – I haven’t had time to blog.  I won’t bore you with the reasons why.  It’s the usual life/work/stuff to do song and dance.  But I still heart you.  And for what it’s worth, I’ve THOUGHT about blogging.

For inquiring minds –

Wedding update:  There is no update.  I’ve become kind of obsessed with doing a backyard wedding, and Fiance’s not having it.  I just think it would be nice, especially since we could definitely involve our dog in the ceremony if it were right outside.  Sigh.

Life update: More of the same.  Slowly but surely putting together the house.  Learning how to clean.  Cooking more.  Back on the wagon with the gym.  I went on Saturday AND Sunday (go, me!) and today I woke up early and shredded before work.  Hardcore.

Work update: No real update.  Same.  I work all damn day and get home at 8pm every night.

Hmmmm, what else.  I had a convo with one of my bff’s the other day.  The one who got married in June and I was a BM for the first time ever.  Remember?  I was on a hunt for shoes and ended up with these, which ironically I wore today?  Anyway, long story short – I called her because I received her thank you card from the wedding in the mail and enclosed was the cutest pic of her and her new hub.  She sounded sad/wistful when we talked, and she ended up telling me she was kind of bummed that the wedding was behind her, because it had been something she’d looked forward to and planned for for so long (she was engaged for over 2 years).  Her wedding day was pretty perfect.  I wonder if I’ll be like that – sad when the big day passes and you’re left with pictures and memories instead of DIY projects to work on and seating charts to figure out.  I kind of doubt it, as planning seems a little much if you ask me.  But maybe in a good way?  As it’s the only time in your life you’ll think about this stuff – well, until you have a daughter getting married or something…?

Then I stumbled upon this.  An interesting read, IMO.  The synopsis is that this chick went through the whole wedding phase – planning, getting hitched, adjusting to her new sitch and just when that felt settled, is now pregnant and dealing with all that goes along with that.  Weddings and pregnancies are pretty parallel – announcements, showers, registering for baby gifts, ooohing and ahhhhing (this time over the baby bump instead of the engagement ring), a countdown/planning stage of sorts… The whole process is just so industry.  Stuff you’re told you HAVE to buy, rules you HAVE to follow, things you HAVE to do.  Rites of passage in life have definitely been Hallmark-ified.

And those are my deep thoughts for the evening.  Time to watch The Soup and fall asleep.  I promise I’ll try not to be such a stranger.