OK, so I was looking at my blog stats and someone stumbled across HMPFMW by googling “extra cheese diet Coke.”  Not sure how that happened, but whatevs.

In breaking HMPFMW news –

– People have been donating!  Well, two people, that is.  I got two rather sizable donations last week and am super grateful.  🙂  (See shoutouts on my Thank You page).

– Fiance has been slowly but surely expressing interest in starting the planning process.  Today he was asking about how many guys he’d need for the wedding party!  Baby steps, indeed – but I’m just excited he’s thinking about it!

– I have some really cool press stuff in the works that I’m SO excited to share, but can’t yet.  It’s killing me softly, but I’ll spill soon enough!

Work/life has been crazy busy these days.  Being a homeowner is tiring – but awesome!  I had so much stuff going on this past weekend, that I was late in turning in my blog post for TweetMyWedding!  So irresponsible; I’m slightly mortified as I’m so not a deadline-misser.  In any event, check me out on Wednesdays over there.  It’s a good time.

Thanks for baring (bearing?) with me on the days I don’t get a chance to post.  And I swear I’ll get to your emails.