We’ve been in the new house for about two weeks now, so I figured it might be safe to bring up wedding planning.  I was right!  Hallelujah!  Before you go too crazy, we didn’t come to any conclusions.  But the fact that we are even discussing options is a milestone.  Trust me.

One of the huge issues some of my critics have is that we’ve been engaged for months and I still don’t know what I want/have no plans.  I’m hoping to remedy that little problem shortly, but we have some big decisions to make.

First – WHEN?!  I really wanted fall – think foliage, pumpkin ravioli, a sunny, breezy day in September or October… but that is in like 20 seconds.  Impossible and I don’t want to wait a whole YEAR until next fall.  So, I was thinking maybe a winter wedding… but that means we can’t have it here since this is an outdoor venue.  We could possibly do it here (this place is insanely breathtaking, but crazy $$ – never fear, though.  I’ve become fab at negotiating), but I don’t think Fiance is huge on having our wedding in the city.  We would have a lot of out of town guests coming in, and pretty much every aspect of Boston is nutty – hotel prices, getting around when you don’t know the city, etc.  What to do, what to do.

Second – DO WE SAY FORGET ABOUT A BIG WEDDING AND DO A DESTINATION WEDDING WITH JUST A FEW CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY?  This is actually what I initially imagined our wedding would be – just the two of us and a few others.  Something beautiful and intimate without a ton of bells and whistles.  But then we (I?) kind of got caught up in the excitement of the engagement and wanted to involve everyone and make a big deal about something for once in my life.  I’m scared if we don’t have the big wedding, we’ll regret it later… but at the same time, I’m not sure it’s “us.”

So, I’d say we’re still at square one.  But discussions = progress.  We’re spending the weekend painting/doing yard work/putting stuff away/domesticating, so hopefully we’ll be able to come to some conclusion of what we want to do soon.

HMPFMW junkies – do any of you have suggestions/thoughts about large vs. small?  If you had a small wedding – do you wish you’d gone all out?  Or, did you go nuts and wish you kept it simple?  This is just such a huge milestone… I want to make sure we do it in the way that’s right for us!