AHEM!!!!  ATTN: Boston wedding planners!  Jump on the bandwagon.

I love this – A Lexington, Kentucky-based wedding planner is offering “scholarships” to promote her event management firm, Moments of a Lifetime.  Basically, she’s extending her services to four lucky brides-to-be in exchange for copies of professional pictures from the weddings and a written testimonial to post on her website.  Brillz!

Kentucky ladies, you better get on that!  Robin isn’t skimping, either – according to this article, she’ll be there from start to finish, providing the brides with whatever it is they need in whatever capacity they need it in.  The package options are presh – there’s “So Simple,” which is the package for the bride who has it totally together already and just wants support on the big day, “So You,” which I imagine is for the average bride – someone who has a list and could use help checking each item off, and “So Chic,” which is obvi what I’d need, and not because I’m chic, but because I’m a hot mess – it starts with making a list and figuring out a budget and ends when your last guest drives away.  Fab!

Guess I’ll tap my fingers and hope a New England wedding planner follows her lead!