I’ve never in my life seen/heard the word ‘tacky’ thrown around as much as I have as it pertains to weddings and wedding-related matters.  Want some examples?  Just search ‘tacky’ on the wedding bee discussion boards and you’ll discover an endless list of posts by anxious brides-to-be, petrified that their guests will judge them if they opt for a cash bar, balloons, origami flowers, or a potluck reception.

What happened to the whole “it’s your day” mentality when it comes to weddings?  I don’t know about you, but if my BFF wanted me to wear a potato sack as a BM dress, I would work that potato sack with a mean pair of heels and a fierce updo and love every second.  And though we all know I personally don’t want a brunch reception or a courthouse wedding, it’s not because I find these things tacky – it’s because these are things I simply do not want.

Read this letter sent in to the Los Angeles Times from a concerned mom.  Seriously – WHO CARES whether or not friends or family think a belated reception is ‘proper?’  When did it become acceptable – even expected – to be so judgmental?  I’m thoroughly confused as to why people feel justified to become etiquette police when it comes to other people’s weddings.

I went to two weddings this summer that were very different from one another.  One was pretty elaborate – gorgeous venue, open bar, scrumptious food… and the other was in someone’s backyard and included homemade wedding cake, a friend of the family DJ’ing, a cooler full of sodas and beers, and a potluck (I brought a veggie and cheese platter – is that OK, etiquette cyber-police?).  Both weddings were exactly what the couples wanted and both were beautiful and special.  But sadly, I heard judgmental whispers at both affairs.  So disappointing that “friends” and “family” can be so catty.

Brides-to-be, live your lives!  If you want to send out e-save-the-dates, DO IT!  Want to set up a honeymoon registry?  GO FOR IT!  A wedding on Halloween?  TRICK OR TREAT!  Obviously, I am not bent out of shape about being called tacky – I have been judged by perfect strangers behind computer screens since launching this blog.  But I’d rather be called tacky than Mean Girls-esque.  And I’d rather make my own decisions than consult Emily Post before my every move.

So, who’s in?  Banish the word ‘tacky?’