OMG.  What could possibly be more exciting than thisTHIS!  Filene’s Basement’s annual Running of the Brides event is coming to Chicago this weekend, with many summer dates to follow in various cities including DC and my own beloved Boston.  I’m hearing rumblings that you can score huge at this event – and I’m talking designer dresses originally priced at up to $10k discounted to the tune of $249.

But don’t expect to leave with the ‘bargain of a lifetime’ without dodging some jabs.  The store in Chicago will open its doors at 8am on Friday to a stampede of desperate housewives-to-be, who will undoubtedly be foaming at the mouth and ready to throw an elbow at the first sight of a size 2 Vera Wang.  The gowns are not organized by size, so expect to scavenge through racks upon racks of taffeta alongside the most manic of bridezillas – Filene’s Basement does this on purpose to be ‘fair.’  Can’t let that pushy MOH grab up all the size 6’s.

Allegedly, the racks are bare within 90 seconds and brides just strip, try on gown, trade, and repeat.  Sounds like a physical challenge on Double Dare, if you ask me.

For the more civil b2b, plan on hitting the sale later in the morning.  According to the store, the crazies have all gone home at that point, and there should still be a decent selection.  Check out Filene’s Basement Bridal here for more deets and be sure to check out the FAQ’s.  And if you really want a leg up on how to work the sale, shoot an email to to request the “Secrets of Success – finding your dream dress at Filene’s Basement’s Running of the Brides.”

If any of you Chi-town readers attend the sale, please email me with a full run-down!