The beauty of this blog is that you, my fabulous, loyal, and informative readers, bring to my attention must-haves that I didn’t know I needed.  Case in point – a custom monogram.

I give you Happy Betty Design.  Check her out – her Etsy site boasts ‘Custom Paper for Cool People.’  Well, I’m cool – so I will obviously need something that reflects this for our save-the-dates, invites, and anything else we might whip up for the big day.  I had a quick little email exchange with the designer, who asked me about our personal style and the feel we want for our wedding and VOILA!  Our own little logo!

Feast your eyes:

Monograms BB2B e-h

Monograms BB2B m-p

I personally adore G, M, and P as I fancy myself a sophisticate and envision my wedding to have a touch of Hollywood glam.  Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery?

If you are in the market for some really cool design, I highly recommend taking a gander at Happy Betty.  Her prices are totally recessionista-friendly and these monograms are a fab way to customize your day.  Happy browsing!