Ilane Foo, I swear I’m not spending the donations I get on Desperate Housewives DVD’s.  But I admit I’d be tempted if I didn’t already have them all.  But you make several valid points – 1. Everyone loves bacon.  2.  There are no pictures of me or my fiance. 3. My potential venues are not very economical.  Let’s discuss.

Bacon is tasty, but hardly fabulous or wed-carpet worthy.  If you can order it at Denny’s, it won’t be served at my gala.

There are no pictures of either of us and there won’t be any.  I’m not octo-mom.  BUT!  Once my planning is in gear (I swear, I’m getting there – and I will let you guys know how much I’m spending on what just as soon as I get those deets figured out), I fully intend to post pictures of the venue I choose, dresses, flowers, ALL OF THAT STUFF.  If you read previous posts, you’ll see my reason for not posting the dress, which is the only choice I’ve officially made – fiance can’t see it before the big day.  Obvi.

Venue has been on my list of “can’t skimp” since day one.  Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s generally the most expensive item on the wedding agenda, but come on.  It’s a WEDDING.  I don’t care what anyone says – getting married at the courthouse is… unfortunate.  AND!  I’ve been wheeling and dealing.  You’ll see.  Plus, someone out there must understand my whole “if you have to spend $5, you might as well spend $10 on something you love” idea.  Is my POV really that far out?

At any rate, Ilane, I’ll be honest.  The donate button hasn’t been getting much exercise lately.  (Hint: got a buck?)  But that’s OK.  If all else fails, we’ll figure something out.  And if my elaborate scheme catches on and the donations start pouring in, I’d love to help you and your fiance out so you can go a little crazy.  Spending within your means for a wedding = boring.  It’s OK, you can admit it.  🙂

Anyway, thanks for the blog post, Ilane.  I heart you.  And I’ve always fancied myself a trendsetter.