Looks like an Ohio bridal boutique has abruptly closed its doors… throwing brides-to-be into a tizzy.  Can you IMAGINE?

It appears that the owner of the boutique is hustling to get each and every dress delivered to the brides, but jeepers creepers – couldn’t she have called her customers and let them know the story?  I’d freak if I went to pick up my dress and the store was just out of business.

My favorite is the last line of the article about how the owner could face criminal charges if she does not produce the dresses for each bride.  Brides-to-be don’t mess around!

Glad I already ordered mine… and I don’t even have a date set.  Sigh.  I wish I could post a picture of it, but I can’t.  Can’t risk Fiance seeing it.  But I can tell you it’s fabulous.

In other news, I’ve been chatting with the two venues that I heart about the best rates on whatever dates, and I can’t wait to share my wheeling and dealing stories with you.  But I have to secure a place first.  I feel like it would be bad luck to put it out there too soon.

OK, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred time.