I haven’t really been reading the other boards and comments lately, but I just took a gander at the list of websites from which people are finding my blog and was reminded about how nasty some folks are.  I had forgotten about you embittered brides.  My blog background might be plain (I never claimed to be a web designer) and I might not post “inspiration boards” (I’d love to though – how the heck do you guys make those?) or budget savvy ideas, but I’m not exactly Martha Stewart, either.  Which is why I started this blog in the first place.

I guess this post is a thank you to the fabulous peeps out there who get a kick out of my blog and don’t WAAAAAAA! about how they disagree with what I’m doing.  If you don’t heart me, go to the Wedding Bee blog and post pictures of your engagement rings!  (No offense, Wedding Bee – I’ve actually gotten some cute ideas from your website.  But you got a tough crowd over there on the message boards – kinda Mean Girls).  And just an FYI, I don’t get donations very often (they’ve dried up, I’m afraid), so I ain’t exactly doing this for the cash anymore.  I’m not sure exactly why I’m doing it.  Maybe because it’s a place for me to have a little brain-dump from time to time.  Or to get input from the readers who actually email me with their brilliance.  Or the ones who email me asking why I don’t blog more often.  Once I get through this planning process, maybe I’ll have some perils of wisdom to share.  Or at the very least, some stories worth a chuckle.

At any rate, that’s my rant.  OK, now seriously – 30-Day Shred.