If you’re following me on Twitter, maybe you noticed the little discush I was having with some tweet-hearts about engagement photos.  What are your thoughts?

I’m not about to spend any serious money on these bad boys, as there are PLENTY of amateur photogs and students looking to build their portfolios who will do something like this for little or no money (I’m getting savvy in all my planning, eh?).  I briefly searched and found at least 4 such individuals – their packages ranged in price from $0 – $125.  Not too shab.  And not bogus, either – I was able to see their work online.

Sooo… what do you think, readers?  My Twitter amigos were mostly into it.  One even said she cherishes her engagement photos almost as much as her wedding album.  I don’t intend to use these pictures with the invites or anything – I just kind of want something to commemorate this special time in our lives.  And maybe have a framed photo on a table at the wedding… near the cake or something.

On another note, I finally hit rock bottom (after a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and two huge cookies mid-afternoon) and realized that I’m completely out of shape.  And shock of all shocks, I did my 30-Day Shred video when I got home.  Yes, it’s that bad.  Thank God for Jillian Michaels.  Seriously, though – if you’re feeling like a cow, I highly recommend the video.  Hardcore.