So excited and I REALLY want to post a picture here so you guys can check it out, but then I realized that my fiance will see it if I do that.  So, it has to stay under wraps, but I will tell you two things:

1. It’s stunning.

2. It isn’t insanely expensive.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  🙂

In other news, BM dresses are IMPOSSIBLE.  They all look like unfortunate prom dresses – anyone agree?  I’m looking for a platinum/charcoal-colored cocktail dress.  Anyone got 9 of them in various sizes laying around?  A couple of my BM’s searched with me this weekend, and we found one dress that I really like but it was brown.  It was a knee-length, fitted dress with removable spaghetti straps (liked it better with the straps) and was very chic.  I wrote down the style number so I could scour for other colors and sizes, to no avail.  Lesson of the weekend: department stores have better dresses than bridal shops when it comes to BM’s.  I swear, every single dress in those bridal shops has either a sash or a bow!  What happened to simple elegance?

SIGH.  Well, at least I’m in action now!  And once I have BM dress options, I’ll DEFINITELY post them.  But unfortunately, kids, the wedding dress has to remain top secret so my fiance doesn’t catch a gander.