So, the wedding this weekend was amazing.  And enlightening.  Here’s a synopsis:

Friday, 10:30am – pack up the car and start driving.  Weather – windy and drizzly.

Friday, 4:45pm – FINALLY arrive at hotel; rush through check-in and book it to room.

Friday 4:48pm-5:40pm – shower, blow-dry, dress, and RUSH to the lobby to meet for rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal dinner deets – We went to the venue, which was BEAUTIFUL, mind you, and literally rehearsed what would happen during the ceremony the following day.  I know that sounds painfully obvious, but several members of the bridal party commented that they’d never been to a rehearsal dinner where people actually rehearse.  I was thankful we did, since I’m new at this.  We quickly went through the order in which we’d walk, when to go, what to do, etc.  The whole she-bang probably took 35 minutes.  Then, we met up with a few others and headed to a lovely Italian restaurant where we ate and drank wine all night.  Speeches were made and a good time was had by all.

Saturday 8:45am – wake up to my vibrating cell phone.  It’s the bride-to-be telling me I have my hair appointment at 9:30.  YIKES.  Panic and rush to shower, blowdry, and throw on sweats.  (Why am I always rushing?)

Saturday 9:35am – sit down with hair stylist and explain to her that I want loose, beachy, LC-at-last-season’s-finale-aftershow hair.  She doesn’t know what I’m talking about or who LC is and I get a heavily hairsprayed updo.

Saturday 12:00pm – lounge around with the other bridesmaids and the bride-to-be, get excited for the ceremony, drink champagne, apply makeup, eat cheese, crackers, wraps.

Saturday 2:45pm – put on dress and fabulous shoes, check with other bridesmaids that my sash is properly wrapped and secured.

Saturday 3:00pm – professional pictures.  This was fun, and pretty hilarious.  There was a lot of hugging, pretending to walk naturally, forced laughing/fake conversations, etc.  I can’t WAIT to see how they turn out.

Saturday 4:00pm – CEREMONY!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the ceremony went flawlessly.  My friend got married on a lake right by the water and it was just picture perfect.  No hiccups; nothing.  She looked stunningly beautiful and I don’t think it could have gone any better.

Saturday 5:00pm – reception.  Lots of mental note-taking.  From the little personal touches (photos of her and her new husband through the years strategically placed on tables, seating assignments hanging on a little tree at the entrance) to the obvious things like food, music, videographer, everything was seamless.  To say that I’m inspired would be an understatement.

My fiance and I were both so impressed with the whole affair that we are actually finally excited to start planning our own soiree.  Better still, my newly hitched friend is going to come out this way in a few weeks to help me hunt for a location.  AND, my MOH is going to come with me to look at dresses.  Let the games begin!  🙂

In less exciting news, no donations this weekend.  Need I remind all you fabulous HMPFMW fans, this blog was created with a purpose – to collect a measly buck from each of you so I can get hitched without ruining my credit.  If each of you had really donated a dollar, my wedding would probably be planned and paid for 5 times over by now.  Soooo, if you haven’t clicked DONATE (see button to the left), you totally should.  If you have (I love you), can you tell your awesome friends that they should donate, too?  Help a sister out!

Apologies for being away so long.  It’s been a long weekend.  Long, but fabulous.  And inspiring.  And my shoes were a hit.