So, we’ve been engaged for three months now.  While we’re enjoying being engaged, we’ve been super-consumed by the house-hunting and I’m getting antsy to have a little get-together to celebrate.  As you all know, I’m not an expert on wedding etiquette, so I’m looking to you, my trusty readers to help me out on this one.

Is it OK to host your own engagement party?

I’m not thinking of anything huge or extravagant.  We have neither the time nor money to put together something elaborate.  What I have in mind is an evening with close friends and family only (no more than 15 people or so).  I can throw together a lasagna, salad, meatballs, wine, cheese platter, and dessert and just have a little can you believe we’re finally engaged soiree.

I googled and Yahoo Answers tells me that Emily Post says it’s acceptable to do this.  The Wedding Bee peeps seem to think it’s fine, too.  We’re not looking for gifts (I know comments about that are coming), just an occassion to celebrate this time in our livees with our loved ones.  What do you guys think?