A designer after my own heart.

Today, I got a tweet from @AlfredAngelo informing me that they’ve launched the “Recessionista Collection” in honor of broke brides-to-be like moi.  How fab!  Apparently, these little get-ups start at just $299.  I’ll totally check them out!  I also caught wind that they are in the midst of “Bridesmaid Bash,” which means BM dresses are $20 off.  Unfortunately, I can’t take advantage of that at the moment… we’re not that far along yet.  But I did decide on a color for my beautiful BM’s.

Drumroll, please…….. PLATINUM!

bm_dress1 bmdress2

Well?  I’m thinking more along the lines of the second dress.  I like the first, minus that white belt thing and that bizarre-o headpiece.  We’ll see.  I might even go a tiny darker… like almost borderline charcoal/silver.  Depends on the time of year, I suppose.  What do you guys think of the color?  Cute, no?

PS – I’m still going to poll you guys when it comes to serious decision time.  I’ll narrow down my choices and post here for you guys to vote on.  I need all the help I can get, as you well know.