Get on it, lady. Every week I’m disappointed by your lack of content. Makes me want to donate a cat turd instead of a buck.

For the rest of Bridgette’s comment, check out the Rent Party post below.

Sorry, B.  I can’t win with this blog.  I’ve gotten emails that say things like, “Maybe you should stop blogging and start scouring the wedding websites for bargains and DIY ideas!” and now Bridgette wants me to show more commitment to the blog and deliver riveting content.  SIGH.

Truthfully, I’d love to dedicate more time to the blog.  I actually enjoy it more than I expected to and I get a huge kick out of interacting with you fabulous readers.  But, believe it or not, I do have a life offline.  A lot going on, actually.  I’m going for a promotion at work and preparing for the interview process has been a time suck.  Not to mention regular work.  Despite the fact that I have a blog dedicated to wedding fundraising, I do have a full time job (and by full time, I mean 50+ hours a week).  I’m pretty spent when I get home, as I’m sure most hardworking ladies are.  Then there’s cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dog, spending time with my fiance and our families, and house-hunting.  House-hunting is INSANITY.

Not that I’m complaining, and I really do appreciate your comment, Bridgette.  (Is this Bridgette Marquardt from Girls Next Door by chance?  I heart her).  You’ve put out there what I already knew.  My posts get boring.  That last one was total filler.  I don’t really care about rent parties and I’ll say it – I would never have one.  (But you guys should if you want).  I just needed some material to post, and a friend told me about the rent party thing and thought it might be a cute little discush.  Sorry it was a snooze.  I can’t always be on, peeps.  But I solemnly vow to make more of an effort.  I’m not lazy – just busy with stuff.

Hint – if you want to keep up with me on a moment-to-moment basis, follow me on Twitter.  I’m @brokebride2be.

So, Bridgette, I totally appreciate the kick in the butt and the fact that you read.  But please don’t send me a cat turd.  Ew.