Has anyone heard of such a thing?  Did anyone actually purchase it?

I was recently contacted by a reader who sells wedding insurance and assures me that I need it.  Car insurance, yes.  Health insurance, sure.  But I didn’t even have renter’s insurance in my old apartment.  Do I really want to spend MORE money on this wedding to insure it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts as this is something that never crossed my mind.  It can’t be that crazy an idea, I suppose.  I mean, Mariah insured her legs for $1 million.

I found this and this and I have to say the former’s glaring headline, “Bankrupt vendors spoil weddings,” kind of freaks me out.  Can you imagine what a disaster it would be to have your florist/caterer/bakery bail on you at the eleventh hour?  Yikes.  But the coverage features listed in the second article don’t have me convinced that insurance is a necessity – and I don’t really consider my fiance and I to be “a couple that likes to live with risk” (which is what the article tags people who forgo purchasing policies).

What are your thoughts?  Will you buy insurance or live on the edge like Aerosmith?  According to my (limited – as usual) research, a policy can set you back anywhere between $125 – $400.