Sorry about yesterday’s irrelevant post.  I’m focused today – promise.

Since starting this blog, I’ve gotten trillions of emails and comments about various ways to save on costly wedding expenditures – from displaying styrofoam cakes but serving sheet cake instead to skipping the affair altogether and heading to the courthouse.

Now, I want to know – what part of your wedding would you NEVER skimp on?  Or, for recent brides, what did you skimp on that you wish you hadn’t?  Did any of you splurge on exactly EVERYTHING you wanted and now regret it because you’re buried in bills?  Or did you opt to spend conservatively and wish you went all out?  Would you not change a thing?

A wedding is meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime milestone… I’d love to get some feedback on what you guys consider absolute musts before I decide what I should absolutely scale back on.

Food for thought: if everyone who’s visited this blog donated a buck, I could have paid for THREE weddings by now.