I’m so aggravated with work.  I want to go for a promotion and I think my boss is discouraging it.  I won’t elaborate as I know that people get canned for that kind of thing.  Getting canned = SERIOUSLY no wedding money.  I wish I could vent, but this will have to do:


(That’s me freaking out).

In other breaking news, after wanting to vomit after a 2-cheeseburger meal I ate a few days ago, I have vowed to not eat McDonald’s for the rest of the year.  I know people think McDonald’s is disgusting, but I find it heavenly.  Until after when I can’t eat again for the rest of the day and I get out of breath walking the dog.

Can you guys tell I’m in a hideous mood tonight?  Sorry – misery loves company, I guess.  Someone email me or leave a funny comment so I can have a chuckle.  PLEASE.  Better yet, donate a buck if you’re feeling froggy.