I am just becoming a blogger extraordinaire.  I figured out (I think) how to post audio.  Allegedly, you can check out my interview with Mix 94.1 by going to my “In The Press” page and pressing play on the little audio player thingie.  Warning: the interview is a glaring example of the fact that I am rambler.  Note to self – don’t talk so much/so fast.  Anyway, it’s amusing – though I wish Kathy included some of the listener feedback after the interview.  I’d love to know what peeps had to say!

Please let me know if you have trouble listening.  For all I know, I uploaded it incorrectly.  What can I say?  I’m a work in progress.

So, yesterday was that wedding I was telling you about.  It was a very casual backyard wedding and it was really sweet.  The happy couple met on eharmony.com (gotta love the power of the internet!) a year ago and are totally in love.  SO.  CUTE.

The wedding was absolutely not what I have in mind for my own wedding, BUT I did pick up a couple of pointers –

1.  wedding cakes actually CAN be homemade.  A family friend made their cake and it was FABULOUS!  I would never have guessed it wasn’t a professional confection – chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and these cute little flowers and vines climbing up the side.  I’m pretty positive it wasn’t $543.

2.  centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate and expensive to be cute.  They had miniature fish bowls with red, white, and black pebbles at the bottom tied with a ribbon, complete with actual goldfish.  It was actually a choice they made to entertain the zillion children at the affair.  They adored it.

3.  bubbles are a fun alternative to rice-throwing.  Not that I was considering rice-throwing.

It was definitely not your typical wedding (not that I’d know first-hand; my father told me), but it was exactly what the couple wanted, which is all that’s important.  I’m just thrilled that I was able to share in their special day.

On that note, I must walk the dog, make some green tea, and prepare for Desperate Housewives.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Donate a buck if you want.


PS – Happy Mother’s Day!