Allegedly, Heidi and Spencer broke them all!  I might be “tacky” for accepting donations on the internet, but then again – my wedding planning isn’t being covered by Us Weekly. I guess no one’s safe from wedding judgery.  (What’s the real word for that?)

At risk of getting all Perez Hilton (love him!), check out the goss on what TMZ considers Speidi’s wedding follies.  Chicken salad on a cracker?!  Hey, maybe Spencer digs it…

This begs the question – are the rules for celebrity weddings more stringent than those for us regular peeps?  If TMZ is crucifying poor Speidi for not having enough food and servers, I fear what they’d think of the DIY suggestions I’ve been getting.

Note – this post is NOT suggesting that I need/want/expect/am entitled to a celeb-status affair (although it would be fabulous).  Make no mistake.  Just sparking some discush here.  I am of the opinion that expectations go WAY up when it comes to celebs and people with cash – ESPECIALLY ones like Speidi that heart attention.