You know what I get a kick out of?  Looking at the “search engine terms” for my blog.  For those of you who don’t blog, there is a little section on what’s called your “dashboard” that basically lists all the terms that people searched in order to find your website.  Mine are always hilarious.

A few favorites from today:

i don’t want to pay for a wedding, get my wedding donated to me, i have to payfor my own sweet 16, my paypal button isn’t working, confessions of a lazy bride, can\’t pay final wedding payment, getting stuff for my wedding donated, what did star jones do with her wedding?


Thanks for the donations today, BTW.  You are such kind strangers and I heart you.  I hope my list helped convince you guys that I’m not a raging brat.  On another note, my MOH is on the prowl.  She’s hip to the blog and has started posting comments – apparently she thinks that watching countless hours of Ace of Cakes has prepared her to rally my bridesmaids to bake us a wedding cake.  Yikes!